Slash Onstage Disaster Revealed By Bandmate


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s Conspirators drummer Brent Fitz revealed his biggest onstage nightmare that happened in a new Music Radar interview.

“I’ve broken kick drum heads in the first song and had the drum tech sit there trying to tape it up for the rest of the set. I’ve blown out snare drum bottom heads on TV shows. If it can happen, it’s happened to me.”

He also discussed Slash getting nervous before shows.

“I talk to Slash about this. We both go, ‘Man, I was nervous tonight’. Being nervous is the best thing because if you’re complacent and you don’t care, it will show and it will be a lacklustre performance.

“Having that edge of uncertainty… I don’t like it, nobody likes to be nervous and stressed out. But it is a good thing. The blessing is that I get to be nervous and I have this great opportunity.”

And opportunities keep on coming, with Download festival looming. “Download always stands out on the calendar just like being in London sticks out as a special night,” Brent says.

“Even though I’ve played it several times before, it never gets to be, ‘Oh, we’re playing Download today’. No, it is big.

“It’s a big, respectful place to be on stage in front of a big audience. I’m a kid from small-town Canada and all the monumental events that have happened because of making music for me are just great.

“To play somewhere once is fantastic; to get to come back and do Download several times, that is the ultimate gift. Every time I think, ‘I can’t believe that I get to do this’.”