Slash Reacts To Guns N’ Roses Disrespecting Izzy Stradlin


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently did a Metal Hammer fan Q&A and he addressed Izzy Stradlin’s snub from the GNR reunion. Izzy Stradlin said in 2016 that his former bandmates ‘didn’t want to split the loot equally.’

Why wasn’t Izzy Stradlin involved in the Guns N’ Roses reunion?
Lou Fiskerton (via mail)

“Oh, Lou… It was something that just didn’t work out. We were keen on trying to get it to happen but it just didn’t work itself out.”

How does it feel to know that the November Rain video has been viewed a billion times?
Tim Roughsedge (via Facebook)

“It’s surreal. It’s something I don’t know how to imagine – that many people looking at one piece of film. I’ve got to give Axl a lot of credit because that epic video was something that he had this vision of doing. We were all like, ‘Yeah, whatever,’ at the time because it wasn’t just a simple ‘shoot the song in a day’-type thing – it was over a period of days and was like a mini-movie. He was really fuckin’ into it and they did a really good job with it, and for those big videos I would write my own part, and that turned out to be a major part of this whole thing. As much as I wasn’t totally into the whole thing, the fact that it’s become an iconic piece of video viewed by a billion people is pretty cool.”

The Guns N’ Roses fan podcast Appetite for Distortion has uploaded a new episode: We are honored to have Tommy Stinson back on the show. In May he will embark on the North American leg of the Lemonhead’s tour, but he has so much more planned. Cowboys in the Campfire, Bash & Pop, solo record, autobiography, Guns N’ Roses, your fan questions…we discuss all!

Also joining us as co-host is Jenna from Philly, a listener of the AFD who won the chance to interview Tommy!

Listen to “Ep. 107 – Tommy Stinson talks Lemonheads, New Music, and Russia” on Spreaker.