Slash Reveals If New Guns N’ Roses Album Is ‘A Challenge’


Slash discussed the next Guns N’ Roses album in a new interview with Clay Marshall via Blabbermouth.

On his goals for 2019 and beyond:

Slash: “Next year is all touring [with The Conspirators], but going beyond that, obviously I’m not going to not mention wanting to do a Guns record along the way. It’s not a personal challenge or anything, but I would love to see a Guns record get done and have it be, to us, really great. That would be awesome. I’m looking forward to The Conspirators tour. I’m really happy with the record. For the most part, that’s it — do this tour, let’s hope for a Guns thing, let’s just keep it all going.”

On his feature film production company, Slash Fiction:

Slash: “I’ve got four different movies in different stages of development right now, so that’s a whole other thing that I’m juggling all this at the same time. I love accomplishing shit, so it’s great, because it’s all moving and it’s all sort of pointed in a direction of getting done or arriving at a positive place. They’re all really great scripts and I’ve got two deals done and I’ve got two pending. They’re horror/thriller. The thing with me is really good, intelligent, story-driven [and] character-driven dramas that have a scary twist to them. It’s not slasher movies; it’s not gore. That’s fun for me because it’s something outside of music that I’m still involved with music because there’s a score, and if I can get to a point of doing a couple movies a year and just have a steady thing — they don’t have to be huge or anything — that’s exciting, so that’s something I’m looking forward to.”