Slayer, Megadeth, Napalm Death & More Talk “Desert Island” Albums


“If you were trapped on a desert island and could bring one album with you which would it be”? This is the question the metal columnists of Alternative Nation have asked several musicians spanning huge names, cult favorites, and even local acts. With answers ranging from obvious influences to bands you never thought they would like, to sarcastic remarks about the question here is a compilation of every time this question was used in our 2014 -2015 interviews.

Dave Ellefson (Megadeth/Metal Allegiance bassist) – I’d go with Kiss, Alive. One of the first records I ever bought.

Devin Townsend (Man of many bands) – That is a good question! I’d pick one of Ravi Shanktar and George Harrison’s collaborations. Really cool sound.

Biff Byford (Saxon vocalist) – Id go with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. If I’m going to be trapped on an island its best I listen to something beautiful.

Eric Peterson ( Testament guitarist) – Black Sabbath’s Sabotage . It has a lot of nooks and crannies and I like that record a lot.

Chelsea Wolfe (Singer/songwriter)Yggdrasil or Gap Var Ginnunga, by Wardruna.

Paul Bostaph(Slayer/ex-Testament/ex-Forbidden drummer) If i’m going to be trapped for god knows how long I’d need to bring something that could kill all that time, something like Beethoven’s Greatest Hits.

Tom Hunting (Exodus drummer) – It would have to be Rainbow’s Rising. I just think that album is a journey. It’s just a great album. Classic metal band with Dio and Richie Blackmore, it just crushes.

Dave Matrise (Jungle Rot vocalist) – Either Sacrifice’s Forward to Termination or Destruction’s Infernal Overkill… both classic albums.

Barney Greenway (Napalm Death/ex Benediction vocalist) – I’d have to say Ace of Spades by Motorhead. I’ve always been one to love extremity and I see that record as the very first extreme album.

Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders/ ex-Thin Lizzy/ ex-The Almighty vocalist) – That’s easy. I’d bring Black Rose by Thin Lizzy. Love that record… changed my life.

George Kollas (Nile drummer) – It would be my “next” album, hahaha. I got several songs I am working on and I would love to spend as much time with it as possible before I start recording it. I have plenty of time of course because Invictus just got out, but I like to be productive and start ASAP with the next one!

Kat Katz (Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ex-Salome vocalist) – Deadboy And The Elephantmen’s We are the Night Sky. I never grow tired of that album. I love Dax Rigg’s voice and lyrics, and I especially love the soulfulness of that album.

Dixie (Weedeater vocalist/bassist) – Corrosion of Conformity’s Animosity, best of their early punk rock albums. Great band,great guys.

Mike Starr (Steel Panther vocalist) – Oh God, that’s a great question, dude! Desert album… well, I would have to probably bring Def Leppard, Pyromania. I’ll tell you why. Their pop songs are great, there are the deeper cuts that fucking rock. And I dig it. I did a lot of cocaine back in high school to that record, and it brings back memories of lots of chicks and having a good time. If I’m in a desert, all alone, I want those memories.

Bob Pantella (Monster Magnet/ Atomic Bitch Wax drummer) – The album that we would bring to a desert island has yet to be written. Most likely would be the next Bitchwax record because a desert island is probably where we will end up recording it…

Niklas Kvarforth (Shining vocalist) – Burzum’s Filosofem or Depeche Mode’s Violator.

Teloch (Mayhem guitarist) – None, most likely there is no CD player or electricity on a desert island. Why bother staring at a CD you can’t play?

Kevin Foley (Benighted drummer) – Anaal Nathrakh’s Passion, especially with the second song that really sounds like the apocalypse to me.

Dirk Verbeuren ( Soilwork/ ex-Devin Townsend Project/ ex-Aborted drummer) – Fredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects Sol Niger Within. I’ve played it hundreds of times and it still gives me goosebumps. One of the most unique, heartfelt and inspiring pieces of music ever created.

J.J Hrubovcak (Hate Eternal bassist) – That’s a hard one. It’d probably be one of the big four thrash band’s records like Reign in Blood or Peace Sells. I think that either way, if you have to listen to one record over and over on a desert island alone, you are going to go crazy! My brother used to like some of the Japanese noise bands. If you are going insane, you might as well get there faster with a bunch of noise band static on endless loop!

Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ vocalist)Black Metal by Venom. This is history and personally I have a strong respect for history!

Markus Hirvonen (Insomnium drummer) – Dream Theater’s Awake.

Nature (Tengger Cavalry vocalist) – I would say Slipknot’s Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses.

Ken Faggio (Morpheus Descends bassist, Rooms of Ruin vocalist/bassist) – It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, but off the top of my head I’d say Dimension Hatross by Voivod. They’ve always been one of my all time favorite bands and this album was them at their peek; amazingly unique and original songs and a very cool story concept that carries through the entire album. Some great stuff to get lost in between fishing and building a raft.

Mick Mayer ( Sonic Pulse vocalist/ guitarist) – Trapped on an Island thats a good one!  Megadeth’s Rust in Peace as I listen to it at least once a day. Its the bible for heavy metal song writing.

Gary “Throat” Hadden ( Lesch-Nyhan vocalist) – Bark at the Moon by Ozzy.

Dave Muntean ( Nucleus/Wil vocalist/ guitarist)A Night at the Opera by Queen. I’ve been a fan of Queen way before I was into metal and they still are one of if not my favorite band.

Doug Brown ( documentary filmaker) – Blind Melon: Soup!

Mers Sumida (Black Table vocalist/guitarist) – Tenhi’s Saivo. It sets the mood to be alone and let the mind wander.

Ryan Fleming (Black Table guitarist) – The Zombies: Odessey and Oracle.

DJ Scully (Dead Empires/Black Table bassist) – Mutoid Man’s Bleeder.

Vincent Lepore ( Exinfernum vocalist/guitarist) – I would have to go with Altars of Madness by Morbid Angel. I’ve always been a huge Morbid Angel freak.

Andrew Bones Eastroad (Morditorium guitarist/vocalist) – Stigmata by Arch Enemy. An old favorite of mine. I love the guitar tone on it.

Nick Jackabowski (Bill X Nye vocalist)The Apes of Naples  by Coil is a really good album and its all over the place.

Doyle Von Frankenstien (Doyle/ex-Misfits guitarist) – Why would I bring music? I’d bring food, stupid question.

Interviews with Mike Starr, Mick Mayer, Sakis Tolis, J.J Hrubovcak and Dirk Verbeuren by Birdman Dan. Interview with Nature by Robert Muller. All others by Anthony Carioscia.