Slipknot New Member Revealed In Corey Taylor Photos


The heavy metal community was rocked by the recent announcement that Slipknot‘s keyboardist, Craig Jones, may be leaving the band. While the details surrounding his departure remain shrouded in mystery, the news marks the end of an era for Slipknot and poses a significant challenge as the band now embarks on the search for a new keyboardist.

Craig Jones has been an integral part of Slipknot since joining the group in 1996, playing a crucial role in shaping their unique and aggressive sound. His contributions on the keyboard added texture and atmosphere to the band’s music, elevating their performances to another level. Jones’ departure leaves a noticeable void, not just in terms of his musicianship, but also in the distinctive stage presence he brought to Slipknot’s live shows.

Finding a replacement for such an accomplished musician is no easy task. Slipknot must now navigate the delicate process of identifying a new keyboardist who not only possesses the technical prowess required but also aligns with the band’s vision and chemistry.

All this said, it seems like they may have already found his replacement.

Slipknot have been handling the situation incredible strangely as this has been echoed by many fans on Reddit as well. One fan said: “They’re handling this so weirdly,” to which other fans agreed.

In a photo that was dropped on Reddit, we see a person dressed up in back of Corey just sitting there and looking very creepy. In a post revealed on Instagram, it gets even stranger (see below).

The search for a new keyboardist presents an opportunity for Slipknot to explore fresh creative avenues. While change can be met with apprehension, it also brings the potential for growth and reinvention. Slipknot has always been known for pushing boundaries and evolving their sound, and this transition could be a catalyst for further exploration and experimentation.