Slipknot Reveal Why They Refuse To Play With Foo Fighters


Slipknot’s M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan took part in the Underground To Mainstream: What Are Metal And Hip-Hop Doing Right (And Where Does It Go From Here?) panel at the 2018 Pollstar Live! event in LA. The panel, which was moderated by Josh Bernstein, director of live events for Townsquare Media, included additional speakers Rich Best (Live Nation), Cory Brennan (5B Artist Management), Coolio (recording artist), Bex Majors (UTA), Modi Oyewole (Trillectro) and Danny Wimmer (Danny Wimmer Presents).

Danny Winner, who promotes festivals like Rock on the Range, said that he wanted Slipknot to be on festival bills alongside Foo Fighters, Crahan revealed why he was against it.

“I ask myself, does Slipknot want to play next to the Foo Fighters? The answer is no, because my kids don’t want me to do that.”

“If we play alongside the Foo Fighters, we are going to get new fans, I agree with that. I love that.”

“But I’m worried about the kid that won’t come to the show, because we’re playing with the Foo Fighters. He wants to know why we’re not playing with Nine Inch Nails. Those kids tell all of us what they want. So, don’t try to figure out ways of how to combine things for the new fan. I don’t need the new fan, I need the fan that has anxiety, parents are getting divorced, social problems, gender problems — I need them to come to the ultimate show. And they’re going to get that at Knotfest.”

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor collaborated with Dave Grohl in 2013 for a song titled “From Can To Can’t” for the Sound City soundtrack.

  • Stone Gossardish


    • Sean Barnes

      It’s that dude was in nervana

      • Em G Cee

        I hope you are being ironic.

  • Loïc Desiron

    So Slipknot is choosing who to play with based on their “fans”. So rebellious.

  • Em G Cee

    In other news, the Shaggs refuse to play on the same bill with Led Zeppelin because their fans would not like it.

  • robert

    What an idiotic douche bag

  • Bringthenoise

    Wow. The guy responsible for the lyrics “I want to slit your throat and fuck the wound” is worried about gender issues? Definitely time for these guys to hang it up. They’ve turned into has been.

  • Mike

    ‘Gender issues’

  • Maria Gorham McAlpine

    Slipknot isn’t even in their league… What an idiot!! Foo Fighters Forever!!! ❤️

  • Jen J

    Please….Slipknot is not even in their league. They would be lucky to be the 3rd opening act for FF

  • ppslytherin1994

    I love how triggered all the Foo Fighters fanboys are here.

  • Ruchi Khanna

    Relax Shawn. A true maggot will always want what’s best for the band,rather than wanting the band to fulfill their needs over Slipknot’s. The best thing for you is to play along FF so you can get new fans and us maggots are all for it because we love you.

  • Robert Bolognese

    SlipNOT. Lmao

  • Terry Bell

    This story makes zero sense because it’s is horribly written.

  • wharfrat

    The Foo Fighters are 1000% more talented than Slipknot could ever hope to be,when Slipknot is gone the Foos will still be rocking.

  • NinjasOnTheLawn

    What about the fans that don’t want them to play with NIN, but rather with Foo Fighter’s? Are they being ignored?