Smashing Pumpkins Devastated By Sudden Death


Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin has announced the tragic death of his beloved cat Willie Silverboy, who had an Instagram account.

“We lost our @willie_silverboy last week. He passed suddenly due to a blood clot. Life is precious and it is never on ‘our time.’ Drink every precious drop of it and love those around you with intensity and passion. Our Willie did for sure. Rest In Peace old friend.”

Willie’s final Instagram post on April 12th said, “Relaxing in the sun on a beautiful spring day. #catsofinstagram #willieboy.”

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan suffered the loss of his cats Mr. Thom and Sammi in recent years, who were featured with him on his famous 2012 PAWS magazine cover, though he still has his cats Diamondbaby and Angelface.

Corgan wrote on Saturday on Instagram, “View from a well-needed day off in Bologna. We spent about 11 hours in the car yesterday, plus played a full show outdoors; which though beautiful proved challenging with the heat, bugs, and dehydration of the desert air.

But this tour, like SP’s, has been fantastic. With two more shows to go here in Italia, then back to SP for a week or SP with a solo show in Romania! I can’t thank you enough for helping make these musical rainbows come true. I enjoy and appreciate this more than I can even convey.”