Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Record Tracklisting Revealed, With Metallica Homage?


With all the controversy surrounding the D’arcy interview and the big announcement of a 2018 U.S. tour, The Smashing Pumpkins are continuing to record new songs according to a new Instagram post from Billy Corgan. The picture is of a snatch of text that reads:

“Everyone seems to have wildly extreme thoughts on you: you’re either a messianic genius or some crazy kind of nightmare. I just see a guy comfortable having your own ideas and…”

Corgan’s comment next to the picture is the Pumpkins’ update: 

  • williampcorgan Good day! Back home in Chicago, snowy and unfair as she is, with a week to refine lyrics for the 8 new SP songs, whilst also finishing hope a couple more solo songs. The solo album is currently between 16 and 18 songs, and still in need of overdubs. And speaking of overdubs, we’ll be back in Malibu next week to sing shiny new lyrics and cut final guitar overdubs with James and Jeff. Busy! But good busy. And for birdwatchers, here are the titles for the 8 Smashing Pumpkins songs: Alienation, Travels, Silvery Sometimes, Solara, With Sympathy, Marchin’ On, Knights of Malta, Seek and You Shall Destroy

It’s unclear if the new record will be an EP or full album, though Linda Strawberry has hinted that it won’t be a full album.

Previously on Instagram, Corgan gave a more vague update on the status of new material…

“So not that it matters (and it doesn’t, but me riffing on an idea is not easy evidence that a conceptual fissure does), but I’ve noticed an interesting trend these days where I will say something and the thing that is said becomes the foundational basis for some untruth. (I mean, I have a checkmark!) So, I mentioned here recently that I have 26 tracks in various stages of completion (I will go one further and say the number is closer to 45, actually).

From that number (the aforementioned 26) a monster ’tis spawned, and suddenly I am making things I never intimated. The good news is there is energy there in the lie, a curiousity, or even the gross set-up for hoped-for failure (and take that on the face of it, as much media apparatus exists to build, fete, or destroy).

The not-so-good news is that you (and I will be personal in saying you) have to decide from what is said here with pace and revelation (I mean, that’s show biz, for we sit through a long movie to get us to a strong finish and if lucky, a sequel) and this kind of meta-echo that says, ‘no, the truth is what we wish/decide/deduce it to be’ (that just happens to be tied to clicks). So the point of this jag? My clicks are pretty good, I think, and ultimately more fun. Last point: when I throw shade, you’ll know. Everything else is said in jest or with love.”