Soundgarden Make Bold Gavin Rossdale Revelation


Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil made ‘positive’ comments about Bush and Gavin Rossdale in a new KLOS interview with Steve Jones. Gavin Rossdale has paid frequent tribute to Chris Cornell since his May 2017 death, including attending his funeral. Rossdale and Bush were mocked by many 90’s alternative rock bands back in the day, though much of that rivalry has seemed to subside over the years. Alternative Nation transcribed Thayil and Jones’ comments.

Steve Jones: The band Bush. Massive here, couldn’t get arrested where they’re from in England.

Kim Thayil: (laughs) I think I commented on that band in the early 90’s. I was better acquainted with Bush than with some other bands that were contemporaries from England at the same time. People in England didn’t understand why I made these positive comments about Bush, because they weren’t that big there.

Steve: I don’t think they were positive either. I think most people didn’t like them for some reason.

Kim: (laughs) I tried to be positive, because being negative is so easy, so I have to work at being positive.

Thayil was on to promote Soundgarden’s Live from the Artists Den immersive live experience screening at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, the same venue the show took place in February 2013 to conclude the winter King Animal tour.