Soundgarden Witnesses In Vicky Cornell Trial Leak


Soundgarden have 104 witnesses in their Copyright Action case with Vicky Cornell, the widow of Chris Cornell. Alternative Nation transcribed part of the legal documents from the lawsuits, and Vicky’s lawyer’s Marty Singer’s response to a request to consolidate the cases.

The jury trial states, “The two actions also involve different parties. Hit Venerus and Cal Financial Group are parties to the Copyright Action, but not the Buyout Action, but not the Copyright Action.

The two actions also implicate different witnesses. For example, the Soundgarden Defendants identified 104 witnesses in the Copyright Action, but only 14 witnesses in the Buyout Action.

Finally, the two actions also involve remarkably different documents. In total, the parties have produced over 80,000 pages in the Copyright Action, in which discovery has been on-going since early 2020. Defendants have failed to identify a single document produced by Plaintiffs in the Copyright Action that they would hope to use in the Buyout Action.

Different claims implicating different laws, different facts, different documents, and different witnesses make the Copyright Action and Buyout Action too difficult to consolidate. The salutary goal of avoiding multiple trials through consolidation cannot be achieved here.”