Soundgarden’s Ben Shepherd Hugs Chris Cornell’s Brother In Beautiful New Photo


The first new photo of Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd since Chris Cornell’s funeral has surfaced (via Jeffgarden), and it is a touching picture of him with Chris’ brother Peter Cornell.

Peter wrote on social media, “Brother of my Brother. Brother to my family. Showed up with gifts in hand. A loyal gentleman. Thanks Ben Shepherd for the Bainbridge Island hospitality. Much Love old Friend!”

A story from June 20th on Facebook surfaced back in August of a man named James claiming to have met Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd. In a beautiful act of kindness, the legendary Seattle musician bought James a cup of coffee.

At the time, it was the first reported story of Shepherd to surface since Chris Cornell’s death. According to the fan, Shepherd said he ‘used to be’ in a rock band called Soundgarden.

James wrote, “I met Ben Shepherd this morning from Soundgarden, he bought me a cup of coffee. You can tell he’s hurting. I didn’t know who he was at first. When I asked him what he does, he said I used to be in a rock band. I asked him what band, he said Soundgarden. I didn’t know what to say really. How sad, for him.”

Soundgarden had written new songs for their seventh studio album and were preparing to record studio versions prior to Chris Cornell’s tragic death in May. The band’s final album was 2012’s King Animal.

  • Olga Stewart


    I’m so very happy to see him. :).

    And he looks well.

    Though, I do see some sadness in his eyes (which is understandable).

  • PearlGarden

    So happy to see Ben…and smiling! To say I have been worried about him would be an understatement.

    • My wife and I were at the Fox on May 18th, 2nd row almost directly in front of Ben. Chris seemed off at times, but didn’t expect hours later that we would pass on. They were having trouble with their sound guys. Ben looked pissed off most the night and twice he motioned to his left, clearly angry with the sound. Chris left the stage angry because they didn’t have a guitar ready to switch out. He was gone for about 5 minutes. Otherwise, everyone including me, had a ball!

      I just wish we knew the truth, for closure. The story doesn’t sound right. Chris did not act suicidal, in fact, he seemed to enjoy 5,000 screaming Detroiters. Chris was one of my top favorite artist. Just a damn shame.

  • Cathy

    “Beautiful” picture. Would like to hear from the band about Chris’ frame of mind that night.

    • Copy that! I was less than 20 feet from him that night, at the Fox theatre. He seemed a little off, but not suicidal. Detroit loved him and Soundgarden!

  • Giovanni

    Very happy to see the great Ben Shepherd again. Nice to notice, since i’m italian, that in the picture with Chris they’re holding an italian Soudgarden monography. Sometimes I wonder if a bit of italian fatalism would have helped Chris to put up with his problems, but in fact Chris lived in Italy for a brief time, and it clearly didn’t work out that way, so it’s probably just an illusion.

    • Olga Stewart

      If it’s all right to ask, what do you mean by ‘Italian fatalism’?

      I’m just curious, that’s all. :).

      • Giovanni

        I mean a general attitude that is not very dramatic, of accepting things as they are. But i guess that’s not how heroes, rebels or rockstars are supposed to be.

        • Olga Stewart

          Thanks for explaining that.

    • Trovoid

      I believe Chris lived in France not Italy.

  • Raj

    Good to see Ben!

  • Cristiann

    It’s so good to see pictures of Ben again. And with Peter C, that just makes it even more awesome. They both seem like great guys. <3

  • Nikki8375

    What a beautiful picture. So glad that these guys have each other to lean on and rely upon…
    Still so sad about Chris’ passing.