A Special Guest Could Appear On New Tool Album


Green Jellÿ vocalist Bill Manspeaker recently shared a photo on Facebook with his old collaborator, Tool drummer Danny Carey. Manspeaker wrote, “I KNOW THE JELLO FITS” greenjellovision new tool record coming soon: shhhhh.” This has led to speculation from fans that Manspeaker could make a guest appearance on the album, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Green Jellÿ is an American comedy rock band formed in 1981. Originally named Green Jellö, the band changed its name due to legal pressure from Kraft Foods, the owners of the Jell-O trademark,, who claimed that it was an infringement of their trademark. Despite the spelling difference, the new name and the old are pronounced identically.

Known for sophomoric humor, theatrical performances and intentionally crude musicianship, Green Jellÿ has had hundreds of members during the band’s existence, with vocalist Bill Manspeaker the only consistent member throughout. The band’s early 1990s lineup, during their most popular phase, Cereal Killer included several musicians who went on to appear in other major 1990s bands most notably Tool. Their biggest hit was the single “Three Little Pigs”, adapted from the nursery rhyme.