Steve Austin Reveals Why Layne Staley Was Better Than Chris Cornell & Eddie Vedder


Legendary WWE wrestler ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin recently interviewed current WWE wrestler Elias on his podcast The Steve Austin Show. Austin asked Elias what he listens to while driving on the road traveling for WWE shows. Elias mentioned Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, and Alice In Chains. When Elias brought up AIC, Austin had high praise for the band.

Elias said, “I’ll get Alice In Chains in the mix.”

Austin responded, “Dude, when the Grunge hit, Alice In Chains was the number one. Pearl Jam, god dang, what were the other ones?”

Elias added, “Sure. Soundgarden, Nirvana.”

Austin said, “Yeah, Soundgarden was like number two or three, and Pearl Jam was in there, but Alice In Chains was number one. But dude, Layne Staley, god dang, that dude had that haunting voice. God damn if he didn’t OD, it’s like tragic. Then what was it, Mike Starr, the bass player, he’s done. But they were cranking out some good stuff.”

Do you agree with Austin’s view on Layne Staley and Alice In Chains being the kings of Grunge, or would you like to give him a Stone Cold Stunner for his take on the genre? Let us know in the comments section, and that’s the bottom line, because Alternative Nation said so.