Steve Perry Imposter Fools Journey Fan, Steals $125K


A Journey fan in Cleveland, Ohio, fell victim to a scam where she lost thousands of dollars after being fooled by someone pretending to be Steve Perry, the former lead singer of the band.

The 75-year-old woman received a message on Facebook in January from the scammer claiming to be Perry. The scammer not only offered a business opportunity but also showed romantic interest, according to the Westlake police.

The victim continued chatting with the scammer through text messages and WhatsApp, eventually sending thousands of dollars. It was when the scammer asked for copies of her passport and driver’s license that the victim realized she had been tricked.

In total, the victim lost over $120,000. Westlake Police are currently investigating the case.

This isn’t the first time a member of Journey has dealt with imposters. In 2021, Neal Schon, another band member, warned his fans about someone pretending to be him.

Schon took to social media to inform his followers about the imposter who was trying to convince people to send money for a fake “meet and greet.”

In a Facebook post, Schon wrote:

“Dear friends, I’ve been very busy working and trying to heal from the loss of longtime Journey manager Herbie Herbert, and there is a low-life imposter acting like they are me asking you to write me privately. Know that this is not me. Always check for a blue dot. I do not have any other account. Have some decency, please.”

Schon also shared a photo of the fake ID the scammer was using and warned that the imposter was asking for $350 for a VIP pass:

“Apparently, this jerk is at it again, asking for $350 for a VIP pass. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!”

It’s not clear if the scammer targeting Schon’s fans is the same person who impersonated Steve Perry.