Steven Adler Reaches Out To Axl Rose, Reveals How Guns N’ Roses Damaged Legacy


In a new Australian Weekend interview, Steven Adler revealed he rehearsed 23 songs twice a day for over a year in hopes of reuniting with Guns N’ Roses

“I was planning on being able to get back together and finish the magic we started and give the fans what they have and what they want.”

He pinched a nerve in his back and despite getting healthy quickly after a surgery, GNR told him he’d missed too much rehearsal and he was out when it came to being a regular fixture on the tour. He later appeared as a guest performer.

“I was so hurt they didn’t let me do it.”

“I don’t know Axl. I have not known Axl for 26 years. All I can say about Axl is I love him dearly. I wish I was a part of his life.”

Adler believes GNR could have been the biggest band of all time if the original lineup had stuck together, and had a much better legacy.

“We would have been bigger than The Rolling Stones.”

He said he’s happy to be sober.

“I finally enjoy waking up, watching the sun come up. I used to come to every morning and go, ‘Goddamn, I’m still fucking alive.”