Steven Tyler Gets Second Young Teen Accusation


Steven Tyler is in the news for allegations of his actions involving molesting a girl without consent. Tyler has had problems with the same type of charges in the past, and the situation only continues to worsen for him. Jeanne Bellino has filed a complaint against Tyler for “physical, psychological and emotional injuries”. Jeanne has claimed that Tyler groped, kissed and simulated sex without her consent.

Jeff Anderson, attorney for Jeanne Bellino spoke to PEOPLE, and said that “Jeanne is now 66 years old and suffered in silence and humiliated shame for so many years, and had the courage to now tell her story. As horrific as it is, it’s powerful, and she wanted Latina women and girls to know they can stand up and speak out.”

The situation dates back to the time when Jeanne was a teen. She was 17 years old at the time, and her friend met up with Tyler, then around 27, and his entourage, and the group walked together down 6th Avenue. The complaint reads that “As they walked, [Bellino] commented about a song lyric to Tyler. Tyler became visibly irritated by [Bellino’s] question, then suddenly Tyler grabbed [Bellino] by the hand and forced her into a phone booth.”

According to PEOPLE, Tyler allegedly pinned Bellino against the wall, “put his tongue down her throat and started humping [Bellino], simulating sex.” Bellino has unspecified damages “that will fully and fairly compensate” her, and is asking for a trial by jury. Steven Tyler has this second complaint against him, with the first one being a year ago, which involved charges of sexual assault and battery of a minor in a suit filed by Julie Misley.

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