Steven Tyler Allegedly Pissed At Aerosmith Bandmate For Screw Up


Aerosmith fans posted on the Aeroforce forums that they believe they saw some onstage tension between Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer at a ‘Deuces Are Wild’ show in Las Vegas on Tuesday. This comes after video surfaced of Joe Perry having trouble playing at a recent show worried fans.

simonpbeck posted:

“I was at the Vegas show on Tuesday. Tyler was shooting some looks back at him a few times throughout. After he stopped playing midway through the end of Walk This Way, he and Tyler started arguing before the intros and bows. Kramer looked like he was going to deck Steven.

Steve kept prompting him to get on the mic to say something.

Tyler said ‘ladies and gentlemen, ONE MORE TIME,

Joey Kramer’ and then reintroduced him and said “On the drums, I love him like a brother, he may not think so, but I do. Joey ‘The Fuck’ Kramer and flicked his chest and his gold chain. Super uncomfortable.

Also, it’s obviously not news worthy, but Joe Perry needs some help. He’s playing awful and looks sick.

All that being said, the band sounded pretty good considering. We had a great time up until the very end.”

bartman2001 posted:

“They’ve too many dates and which of course means $$$ in this Vegas residency and the east coast version at stake to be fucking it up with petty squabbles. Whether its something small between Joey & Steven or even a little bigger they’ll work thru it, like it or not, with all the dollars at stake.

Now health of a band member is a completely different animal and can impose its will, at will, on the tour at anytime. I could be wrong but as of now I’ve not seen enough to think something bad like we’ve seen in the not too distant past is on the horizon with Joe. For the most part, apart from some minor hiccups (much of it has been technical), the band has been on fire and to me seem pretty focused from what we’ve got so far. Here’s hoping it continues.”