Steven Tyler Weight Is Stunning In Aerosmith Photo


Steven Tyler shared a vintage photo of himself looking ‘skinny’ from his early Aerosmith days on Twitter, calling himself a ‘skinny’ legend.

Paper Mag reported, “While nasty tabloids have criticized the music legend [Mariah Carey] — among other stars like Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashain — for her fluctuating weight over the years, the Lambily doctored up ‘snake edits’ from images of Carey’s healthy body to make it look comically stick-like.

Urban Dictionary defines “Skinny Legend” as, “a positive term that glorifies and praises the person it is meant to describe. It has no correlation to one’s actual weight or body shape.”

Not one to be left out of the fandom, literal skinny legend, Steve Tyler, had this to say on his Twitter accompanying a #TBT post: ‘BABY I *INVENTED* STANNING A SKINNY LEGEND.’ Sharing a throwback photo of the rockstar in a tight, striped two-piece set from his early Aerosmith days, the rock star joined in on the polarizing Twitter meme and claimed it as his own.”

Aerosmith kicked off their ‘Deuces Are Wild’ Las Vegas residency over the weekend. The Las Vegas Review Journal reported:

The result is a visually impressive showcase that envelops the band’s best-known songs, with “Back in the Saddle,” “Dream On,” “Sweet Emotion,” “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and “Cryin’” all performed in the 90-minute show. The video panels, 140 feet wide and 40 feet high, bring fans right into the performers’ faces. The band’s familiar logo looms over the production. Tyler’s white grand piano, produced on a lift in the middle of the theater, is outfitted with a staircase so his buddy can climb aboard.

Exploring the theater, the band has installed a ramp connecting the stage to the upper-mezzanine level, above the entire floor section and VIP booths, as Tyler and Perry saunter up and back during the climactic “Walk This Way.” The band further embraces production value with strolling performers on stilts and in spandex, Cirque-styled costumes as part of the show’s walk-in, environmental entertainment.