Stone Gossard Says Pearl Jam Album Is Not Career High


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard recently spoke about the band’s latest album ‘Dark Matter.’

Stone Gossard feels Pearl Jam album ‘Dark Matter’ is not a career high

During an interview with NME,  he was asked if the band’s 12th studio album was their ‘career high.’ He explained:

“I wouldn’t say that. I think it will end up being an impactful record – looking back at some point this record will be significant.”

He further explained how the record came together:

“Working with [producer] Andrew Watt was effective for us. In a sense, he was going back in time and saying, ‘You did this so well, just do this.’ It makes me think ‘OK, we did that, now what’s the opposite of that? Let’s lean in the other direction.’”

Currently the Seattle legends are touring to support their 12th album ‘Dark Matter’ and they were set to play two shows at the stadium on June 29 and 30 which Gossard promised would bring a mixture of favourites and surprises.

“We’ll probably try to sprinkle in some new stuff every night, and we’re playing some of the hits as well,” he said. “It’s a good show. The band’s playing pretty well right now. Everyone’s in good spirits.”

However, the London’s Tottenham Hotspur stadium concert was called off due to an illness in the band. The band frontman Eddie Vedder explained that he was unwell. He further revealed that he was having difficulties with his voice.

On the other hand, it is noted that Gossard is also cueing up the release of ‘Painted Shield 3’ on July 26, the third album from the eclectic band featuring himself, singer-songwriter Mason Jennings, keyboardist Brittany Davis and drummer Matt Chamberlain.

During the interview, he also spoke about Pearl Jam’s plans for the November US election, after their shows to encourage voter registration in key marginal areas reportedly proved helpful in Joe Biden’s election win.

“We’ll be involved,” he says of this year’s contest. “I don’t know the exact scope of it, but whether it’s funding or communicating and targeting very specific places that we want to make an impact and we feel like we can help.”