Stone Temple Pilots’ Original Lineup Had ‘Turning Point’ In Front Of Chester Bennington


Dean DeLeo discussed the 25th anniversary of Stone Temple Pilots’ Core in a new interview with Music Aficianado.

“I’m so foggy on my dates. We played a show in Phoenix; I think it was their basketball stadium. I don’t know. Chester [Bennington] was there. It was 1992 maybe, and we were the only band on the bill. It was an evening with Stone Temple Pilots. I remember walking out to the stage of this massive basketball arena holding 18-20,000 people.

We just talked about this gig two days ago as being a turning point. We appeared from behind the curtain out front, and the place was full from floor to ceiling. I will always remember the four of us looked at each other, the look in Robert, Scott and Eric’s eyes and the feeling that I had like, “Something’s really happening.” I will always remember that look, especially with Scott. I will always remember that look in his eye when we appeared from behind the curtain and we saw 20,000 people out there. We had never really done anything of that magnitude. It was pretty memorable.”

He also remember the origins of Core songs.

“Some of them were bouncing around for a while. There was Crackerman and Piece of Pie, and I know Robert had bits and pieces of ‘Plush.’ The record was 95 percent, if not more, written before we got into the studio.

I remember during the time when the album was written, Robert was working at Sunset and Gardner at a guitar shop, and Scott was driving models to their shoots or auditions. That was directly across the street, so Scott and Robert were writing the record before we got into the rehearsal room. Scott would go to the guitar shop, or Robert would grab an acoustic guitar and sit in Scott’s car. They would write while at work or a lunch break.”