Stone Temple Pilots Singer Asked About Fronting Alice In Chains


Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt recently did a Reddit AMA, and a fan asked him about almost fronting Alice In Chains. This full story has never circulated, and Gutt dodged the question while responding to others. If anybody else has any background on this, let us know in the comments. kretzl posted on in May 2017, “Apparently Gutt was also considered for the singer of Alice In Chains before they ultimately decided on William [DuVall]. Interesting.”

A fan named kimldk asked:

Dear Jeff gutt

Do /did you have a day job? Did you quit?

Why didn’t you submit vocals for the try out?

Why are you not playing guitar live on some of the songs?

Did you write any of the new music/lyrics?

European tour coming up?

Will you play Chester-era songs live?

What’s the story of nearly becoming the new AIC singer?

Thanks, Kim (Denmark)

Jeff Gutt responded:

No my job was playing as many gigs as I could to pay my rent.

Yes I wrote my own lyrics.

dstefforia2345 asked:

Hi Jeff …Donna from Marysville Michigan….so how is Talon doin while you are on the road ? Bet he’s so proud of dad …… has his thoughts of what he wants to be when he grows up different than a doctor ? ( X factor remark ) How are you doin with all the shows and traveling ? STP seems sooooo perfect for you our rock star ?? Wish you the best and see you soon Rock on ? Dale loved your show last year in the D Amazing Stay safe in Canada guys Hugs Donna stefforia ??????

Jeff Gutt responded:

Yeah he changes jobs often. Touring has been great I try to get as much sleep as I can. I love traveling and getting to see cities I have never been to. Meeting fans in Canada.

You can watch Gutt singing Alice In Chains material below.

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