Stone Temple Pilots Talk Core 25th Anniversary Plans For 2017


Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo revealed in a recent North Jersey interview are planning on ‘some goodies’ for fans to mark the 25th anniversary of Core next year.

“I saved everything,” he said. “I just recently went out into my garage and pulled out a lot of cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes. There was a certain charm and character to that time and it will be nice to revisit.”

DeLeo said it’s an honor to perform with Kings of Chaos, especially with Robin Zander. Cheap Trick was one of his favorite bands growing up. “Learning to play bass and having their posters on my wall, and now to be performing their songs, is amazing,” he said. “You don’t really get a chance too often to interact with people whose songs that you literally grew up with and mark a good period in time of your life.”

Stone Temple Pilots had originally planned a Core reissue and 20th anniversary tour in 2012, but it infamously did not happen. Instead, the band went on a short one month summer tour that year, which ended up being the original lineup’s final tour, and did not commemorate Core‘s 20th anniversary. The drama surrounding the tour not happening, and Scott Weiland planning his own ‘Purple at the Core’ tour, is part of what led to Weiland’s February 2013 firing from STP and the ensuing lawsuits.  Weiland was replaced by Chester Bennington in May 2013.  Bennington left STP in November 2015, and Weiland died in December 2015.

STP’s lawsuit detailed the Core 20th anniversary reissue and tour that was tragically not to be. The reissue was set to include two brand new songs and previously unreleased live recordings, while the tour was to take place in late 2012 and summer 2013.

“In 2011, the band discussed commemorating the upcoming 20th anniversary of Core, the band’s seminal and multi-Platinum selling first album. The band planned an extended reissue of Core including previously unreleased live recordings, a tour, limited edition fan collectables and other band products. The planned tour was a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the history of the band and the album that catapulted them to stardom. Very few rock bands reach a 20-year milestone.

In 2012, the band performed a limited number of tour dates but deliberately did not launch the planned Core commemorative tour. During the 2012 tour, Weiland’s behavior began to seriously harm the band. Weiland was repeatedly one to two hours late for live performances; sometimes he caused them to be canceled altogether. He missed promotional appearances and disrupted other band activities. Weiland’s behavior escalated to the point that he even refused to have any direct communication with his fellow band members.

Weiland also refused to commit to a tour schedule that the band agreed to involving dates in late 2012, as well as dates in the summer of 2013. Weiland breached his obligation to make the band his ‘first priority commitment.’ Weiland caused STP to lose lucrative business opportunities for live performances and other appearances, causing the band to lose millions.

At the time, Weiland and his team of managers and lawyers gave myriad of excuses for Weiland’s repudiation of his duties to the band. It was all a smokescreen.

It later became clear that Weiland wanted to hijack the band’s 20th anniversary tour for himself. Weiland used STP’s name and assets to launch a solo tour at the band’s expense. Weiland began publicizing tour dates by using the band’s name, stating that he would perform all the songs from Core, and using both Core and Purple to promote his performances.”

The lawsuit also stated:

“Dean DeLeo and Weiland had a two-hour phone conversation during which they discussed the look and feel of the commemorative tour, including potential venues, stage look and recording two new songs for the tour and to be included on the planned reissue of Core. In addition, Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, and Eric Kretz went to Weiland’s house in January 2012 to discuss the anniversary tours of the Core and Purple record releases. It was an exciting time for the band as they developed the concept for their 20th anniversary tour.

In the summer of 2012, the band went on tour but deliberately did not do anything to commemorate the release of Core. That remained to be done. Unfortunately, the band was again embroiled in strife because of Weiland’s bad behavior on the tour. He was late for virtually every concert and reviews of his performance were harsh.”