Taylor Momsen Films Chris Cornell In Haunting New Video


Taylor Momsen has revealed a new The Pretty Reckless studio tour video on Instagram which features the late Chris Cornell howling the Soundgarden classic “Ty Cobb” in the background. Momsen wrote, “#tpr4 @thissoundsgood #producer #family #friends #music #tycobb #rock #buffy scroll 👉 for vid.” Some fans in the comments section appear to not be too familiar with the late great Chris Cornell, as they thought it was a new The Pretty Reckless song. Last year, Taylor Momsen revealed an emotional conversation she had with Chris Cornell backstage just days before his death.

“IS THIS A PEAK AT WHAT’S COMING? Holy fucking shit; Ok, you got me hyped.”

“It sounds fucking amazing. I knew whatever you guys were gonna make was gonna blossom and flourish. Thank all of you for what you guys do ❤️ 🤘”

“Wow 🤘🏻 new song.”

“Omg finally you give us a little teaser!! I love it already.”

Other fans knew about Soundgarden, even referencing Momsen’s performance fronting a one off Soundgarden reunion in January at the ‘I Am The Highway’ Chris Cornell tribute show.

“Ty Cobb by Soundgarden. I wish you could tour with the guys from Soundgarden. That’d be epic.”

“What an amazing studio! Soundgarden and Buffy, yep that’s the studio you use Taylor, just wondering where the Jameson is 😁”

“I’d listen to Soundgarden in my studio too. Thank you so much for the BTS Taylor💛 Love ya.”

“Your art and personality are amazing. I have no words to describe. Every day when I wake up I feel blessed because I know that there is someone who understands my feelings and turned these feelings into art. Thank you ⚘”