Taylor Swift & Brad Pitt Bombshell Revealed


Woo hoo! Isn’t it great that certain people get way more money than everyone else. Reality dictates that the worldly structure of wages is completely ignorant and ridiculous. How is it that educators receive far less pay than actors? Well, reality is that they do – and now we know that certain actors earn far more than everyone else. It’s a short list, but a list none the less. Maybe it’s because Brad Pitt started wearing dresses like a woman.

As per Fox Business, Brad Pitt and Taylor Swift took home a whopping $200 last year alone. Can you imagine that  – a combined $200. That is enough to fund an entire family for their entire lifetime and still have leftovers. 

This all comes hot on the proverbial heels (and I am almost certain he owns a pair) of Brad Pitt releasing a new, wait for it, “genderless” skin care product line. Hmm. I find that very interesting. Pitt starts wearing dresses, supposedly dates girls forty years younger, and now sells genderless skincare products. Seems to me that his liberal accomplishments are being rewarded monetarily. 

Pitt never was a tough guy actor, but he may need to start becoming a real tough guy when all the other jealous and egotistical actors find out they’re making peanuts against the softer of their male thespians.