Ted Nugent Brutally Attacks Kim Kardashian


Ted Nugent discussed Kanye West’s Tucker Carlson interview on The Nightly Nuge, “Well, I watched the interview with Tucker Carlson. It was just one of the most brilliant journalistic moments in the history of journalism. Tucker Carlson is certainly a warrior of truth, logic and common sense, good over evil, right over wrong. And old Kanye West, now considered Ye West, a man of great vision, an entrepreneur, rock solid in the asset column. And my son Rocco works with his team on a musical and fashion level, and Kanye stood strong for God, family, country against the self-inflicted evil scourge of the forced transgender confusion that exists out there.

“So I’d like everybody, if they didn’t see the Tucker Carlson interview with Kanye West, with Ye West — I guess ‘Ye’ is short for Kanye — the guy, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen his chorus; he does a church choral with hundreds of the most gifted, talented, spiritual, soul music forces that I’ve ever seen — moving, moving, spiritual music. And Kanye West is behind all that.”

“And he’s coming right out and condemning the sexualization of our children, especially at the hands of his ex-wife and the entire Kardashian realm. What a bunch of rotten, horrible people. So it is a real ugly chapter, and I think people should pay attention to Kanye West. I think he’s made some blunders in the past. When he got up and — I forget the name — Taylor [Swift] was winning an award and Kanye got up there and protested. I thought that was kind of cute and uncalled for. But it was harmless for the most part. But he seems to have really come unto his own. And he’s been canceled, he’s been attacked for standing up for Christianity, for standing up for the unborn human life that the left is maniacally scrambling to slaughter.

He has identified, as a black man, what you and I cannot say as non-blacks. He has condemned the Democrat party of system of genocide where more black children are murdered in the womb than are even slaughtered on the streets. But the blacks that are slaughtered on the streets are slaughtered by blacks. And the sensationalizing and celebration of obesity in the black community all too often, which is just unhealthy.

Kanye was touching and pushing all the important quality-of-life buttons — that you have to respect life in the womb, that you have to respect the 10 commandments and the guidance and nurture and love and discipline of our children and the condemnation and sexualization of innocent youth. And diet — he was talking about the importance of a conscientious, intelligent diet, against Big Pharma, against the atrocities of the FDA and the USDA.”

“If you want health, I recommend you get a bow and arrow and shoot a nice organic deer or a turkey or a hog or an elk or a pronghorn or a caribou or a moose. That’s where you get a good diet. In fact, I’ve been in touch with Kanye’s gang, his people, his team, and Kanye wants to learn to bow hunt. He wants to get right in the belly of God’s miraculous renewable creation and be self-sufficient. And if ever there was a black heritage, it would be the hunting lifestyle. We got it from them.”