Ted Nugent Caught Lying About Music Retirement?


In a captivating interview with “THAT Rocks!” hosted by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson, the iconic Ted Nugent revealed his decision to embark on what is being touted as his final tour ever, aptly named “Adios Mofo ’23”. While reflecting on his reasons for bidding farewell to the road, Nugent held nothing back, expressing his disdain for hotels and his unwavering love for music.

As reported by Blabbermouth, “Hotels are jail. I hate jail,” Nugent exclaimed passionately. “I will always play music. The music still has fire. I still crave it. I’ve got new songs. I’m gonna go in the studio with these killer musicians that are always at my side.” However, when it comes to travel and hotels, Nugent’s frustration is palpable. He refuses to subject himself to the TSA, having defiantly flipped them off in 2009, and demands private jets for transportation. In his characteristic boldness, he states, “My friends are better than your friends because my friends have jets.”

With over 40 million albums sold and being recognized as Detroit’s greatest guitar player of all time, Nugent’s legacy as a musician is firmly established. However, his recent focus on politics has drawn attention away from his musical prowess. His album, “Detroit Muscle,” released in April 2022, showcases his enduring talent and dedication to his craft. Although his long-time bassist, Greg Smith, recently departed from Nugent’s touring band, the rock veteran continues to surround himself with exceptional musicians, ensuring that his performances remain unparalleled.

The legendary rocker continues to elaborate on his touring plans, revealing that he will base his performances around his Texas home. “So this tour, like the last 10, I will hub out of our Texas home to play gigs around there. I’ll first start in Florida. So I’ll hub out of our condo — [my wife] Shemane’s got a condo down there, so I can go to all those Florida dates. And then I come back to Michigan and go to Ohio and Indiana and Wisconsin and Illinois and Pennsylvania and Kentucky.”

Despite retiring from extensive touring, Nugent is quick to emphasize that he will never retire from playing live. “The fire, the music, it will always go on,” he declares. Nugent passionately describes his daily guitar sessions and the thrill of collaborating with the best musicians in the world. He admits being 75 years old presents its challenges, but the stimulating nature of music keeps him going. Nugent hopes that his love for music resonates with others in the world, remarking, “I hope that somebody else in this world is as stimulated by the music as I am because it’s still very much alive and well.”

While Ted Nugent’s musical career has been nothing short of extraordinary, recently, his controversial political views have cast a shadow over his music. Nugent’s achievements in the music industry are undeniable, with his debut album, “Ted Nugent,” achieving double platinum status in the United States, and multiple other albums charting impressively on the Billboard 200.

As Ted Nugent prepares to bid adieu to the extensive touring lifestyle, “Adios Mofo ’23” promises to be a monumental event. Fans can expect the same electrifying energy and timeless music that have defined Nugent’s career. While controversy may continue to swirl around him, it is the unmistakable power of his guitar and the enduring impact of his music that will forever define his legacy.