Ted Nugent Drops Elvis Presley Tragedy Bombshell


Ted Nugent is quite open when it comes to sharing his thoughts on a variety of matters. He recently shared a new video clip on his YouTube channel addressing important events from his music career. He then opened up on the legendary Elvis Presley and noted that the singer passed away because he had trouble dealing with his massive fame.

Ted Nugent talks about Elvis Presley

Presley appeared in the music scene with his distinctive voice and style in the ’50s in Memphis, Tennessee. He aimed to introduce African-American sounds to a larger audience. Presley became the pioneer of rockabilly, a backbeat-driven combination of country and R&B. He was a prominent figure in rock and roll which was newly becoming popular at that period.

On August 16, 1977, the rocker was going to hit the road to Memphis for a tour. However, that afternoon, his girlfriend Ginger Alden found him unconscious in the bathroom of his Graceland estate. He could not be revived, and his passing was announced at Baptist Memorial Hospital. The singer’s cause of death was revealed as heart failure.

Ted Nugent recently expressed his sadness about Presley’s passing. He noted that the rock legend passed away because nobody knew how to deal with that sort of massive fame, including himself. As Nugent noted, he was in London when he learned about the news and was deeply affected by Presley’s passing.

Ted Nugent said the following:

“The 25th the Soundstage at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, home of Elvis Presley, a huge powerful musical force that succumbed to the indecencies and the treachery and the criminality of our music industry. That’s why Elvis died because he was such a monster and superstar that nobody knew what to do with it, including Elvis. So, god rest his soul. He died on August and 18th, 1977. I was in London, England, and it broke my heart.”