Ted Nugent Reveals Worst Drug He Has Seen


Ted Nugent discussed China importing fentanyl to the United States in a new Nightly Nuge broadcast about the 2022 U.S. midterm elections.

“The people that voted Democrat, they voted for the importation of fentanyl to kill their fellow Americans. ‘Well, I didn’t vote [for that].’ Yes, you did. That’s what they did. They voted for us to be subservient to China. ‘Well, I didn’t vote [for that].’ Yes, you did. And you need to engage your friends and say, ‘You know, if you’re not registered to vote, China, the communist Chinese, would like to thank you. It is that glaring.

“The dumbing down of America has been on the fast track since the 1950s,” he added. “I mean, literally what’s not taught in school and what is indoctrinated in school is an intentional dumbing down, so people are less knowledgeable, less smart and less suspicious of authority. Also, it’s at all-time high that people don’t care. So you have apathy and ignorance. And then add to that that the election process is dramatically flawed — dangerously flawed — and until we fix that, we’ll never know what the real heartbeat of America is.”

Nugent has drawn controversy for his strong backing of former President Donald Trump.