The Strokes Reveal Rick Rubin Lie On Joe Rogan


The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas recently stated that fans are jumping to conclusions after Rick Rubin recently revealed that he was working on a new album with the band.

Julian Casablancas opens up on Rick Rubin teaser

It’s been a couple of years since The Strokes’ latest record, but the famous producer recently told Joe Rogan he’s been at it with Julian Casablancas & Co. once again, noting they had completed a recording session in Costa Rica only recently.

The collaboration between The Strokes and Rick Rubin had started in 2017 when the band entered the studio to begin work on “The New Abnormal” after a four-year recording hiatus. When it eventually came out in 2020, the band’s sixth studio album was met with commercial and critical acclaim, debuting at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart and winning a Grammy for Best Rock Album.

During his recent interview with Joe Rogan, Rick Rubin casually referred to working on something that sounds suspiciously like a new Strokes album:

“A few months ago I was in Costa Rica, recording a new album with The Strokes, and we rented this house up on the top of a mountain and set the band up outside.

“So they’re playing… It’s like they’re doing a concert for the ocean, on the top of a mountain. It was incredible. And we did that every day, playing out in the [open], and they didn’t want to leave. It was, like, the best experience.”

Following Rubin’s appearance on the famous podcast, The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas confirmed the news on his Instagram profile, but warned fans not to get their hopes up just yet:

“my man Rick KiLLed it on Joe Rogan,

“true, Strokes’ve jammed and started some stuff, but we’re still so extremely v far off from from being even close to any kinda remotely-near-doneness…

“lotta jumping to conclusions – check back in a year or 2 honestly……..”