Tom DeLonge Hints At Blink-182 Return, Will Soon Break News That Will Change The World


Tom DeLonge has posted a photo of Blink-182 on Instagram with the caption “#ILikeThingsWithAnEdge.’ It’s unknown if he wants to return to the band, or is criticizing their direction with California.

In his new Ernie Ball documentary he said, “I probably should spend more time communicating what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, but I don’t,” he says. “So I think a lot of people come up with these scenarios that I don’t care about Blink or I don’t care about being a musician or, you know, I’m crazy…”

He also claimed he has recently discovered something, presumably to do with UFO’s that will leave us with an ‘entirely new world to consider.’ He said, “You have NO F-ING IDEA what I will be telling you soon in this project.” He added that he is ‘freaking the fuck out.’


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