Tom DeLonge Offer To Rejoin Blink-182 Revealed


Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker are the three main names that you think about when you hear of the pop-punk band, Blink-182. The legendary band went from songs that were easily some of the first versions of memes to having songs that thirty-somethings scream out at their local emo night at the bar with their friends.

As many are aware of, Mark Hoppus was diagnosed with a pretty nasty cancer diagnosis. Thankfully, Mark is now in full remission and fans rejoiced. Along with the fans, Tom DeLonge also rejoiced.

Tom was featured recently on The Late Late Show with James Corden where he talked about Blink-182 and Mark Hoppus.

When Mark Hoppus was brought up, Tom stated on the show: “He’s doing super good, he’s healing, he’s had a long journey of getting his strength back but I think, miraculously, to have all cancer gone from him…He was Stage 4, and then it wasn’t just remission, it was complete remission, so, obviously, he was emotional, I was emotional… everyone is emotional.”

Tom continued: “The fans are excited and happy. I just think everyone’s good energy has really cured it. It is a big deal, we’re really excited for him.”

James then asked about the possibility of a reunion for the boys as Tom stated to James: “It’s so funny, you know, Blink, it’s, like, we’re there and then we’re gone and then we’re there and then gone… I feel like I’m always talking about a reunion. We always talk about playing together again and I think that’s definitely something we’re all interested in.”

Tom closed: “Finding the time to do it, where it lines up with everybody’s priorities is really all that’s needed. And getting Mark healthy again, getting him strong again. But yeah – I’m down, I think those guys are down, I think just finding the time to do it, and when, is really what we have got to figure out.”

With many artists such as Machine Gun Kelly mixing Blink-182 influences to create a new form of pop-punk music, we imagine that a true Blink-182 reunion would be something very special. Currently, our favorite upcoming artist, Exel took some darker notes from Blink-182 on his newest song ‘VISI6NS’ which you can check out below.

Special thanks to Ultimate-Guitar.