Tom Morello Reveals Why Chris Cornell Had ‘Fury’ At Final Show


Tom Morello discussed the final Audioslave concert with Chris Cornell in January 2017 at the Anti-Inaugural Ball in Los Angeles in the liner notes for the new Chris Cornell career retrospective album.

“As much as Chris was a bandmate and friend I never stopped for one second being a huge FAN of his artistry, of his smile, of his ridiculously beautiful hair, of his love of family and of his willingness to help others.

Audioslave reunited at the Anti-Inaugural Ball in January 2017, if only for three songs, if only for one night. It was the last time I saw Chris and what an honor to stand next to his feral rock fury and soaring vocals one last time. He was just SHINING. Looking back on that night and looking back on these records I deeply appreciate that Tim and Brad and I were so blessed to play music with the great Chris Cornell.

So thanks Chris for your beautiful voice, your friendship, and all these world crushing songs.”

Audioslave reunited to perform “Cochise”, “Show Me How To Live”, and “Like a Stone” at the Anti-Inaugural Ball. Chris Cornell later returned to the stage to perform Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing in the Name” with Prophets of Rage. Backstage at the Anti-Inaugural Ball, Audioslave discussed hopes for a full scale reunion tour that never came to be, as Cornell died in May 2017 following a Soundgarden show in Detroit.