Tool Member Ending Tour For Another Band?


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan is seemingly teasing a Puscifer tour after Tool just wrapped up their North American tour. It was reported how Maynard James Keenan had ‘difficulty’ before a Tool show. The official Instagram page of Maynard James Keen posted picture with the caption:

“Oh my. Mischief detected. Keep your antennae up, you police scanners scanning, your Ham Radios Hamming. Let the Probing Begin. #puscifer2022 #existentialreckoning @matmitchell @carinaround @gunbuns @puscifer  #tease”

Check out the Instagram post below:


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One of the fans on Reddit, Maskedhorrorfan25 wrote: “Hopefully they come to jersey or philly. puscifer is the only band i gotta see and then i’ve seen all of maynard’s bands”

While another fan, camaropat1 wrote: “They put on one hell of a show. The first one I went to for the V album they did a grand ole Opry style play complete with country versions of the songs off the album (and of course cuntry boner too), it was a trip. After an intermission they did the actual songs in a set. The second one was like a few friends sitting around a campfire singing songs and telling jokes/stories before the intermission, then the “regular” concert.”

Another fan, Potietang wrote: “They are awesome. If you love Maynard voice, he takes its beauty to an entirely new level. I have seen several vip Puscifer shows and actually got to meet Maynard one on one in a meet n greet. Talked for a minute and he game me some signed merch. Puscifer is incredible and his voice will move you in a whole new way from tool. Listen to this one example to get a taste. Autumn.” Maynard James Keenan is always staying busy with Tool, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and also his winemaking business.