Tool Member Makes Surprising Alcohol Demand


Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan told a fan that they must drink their bottle of wine ‘now’ rather than wait in a new tweet. A fan sent Keenan a photo of a 2004 bottle of Caduceus ‘Primer Paso’ red wine.

The fan then asked, “Is this still drinkable? I have 2 and curious if still good or should I keep holding on to them? Thanks.”

Keenan responded, “Drink now.”

Maynard is a winemaker, and he discussed his passion for making wine in a FB101 interview.

“I had never really been out of the country. All of the sudden I’m in a band and I’m out of the country, seeing parts of Italy, and part of my family is from Italy so it really kind of resonated with me. It seemed almost familiar to me and I wasn’t sure why. I saw incredible wineries in Italy. Then it kind of dawned on me. I want to live in an area like that. I was slipping into a black hole in LA in a bad way. I felt like I had to get out of town, I had to reconnect in some way and be away from LA.”

He added, “Tim Alexander, the drummer from Primus is from Phoenix. He played in a bar band up north in Jerome. They played some originals and some covers and just traveled the state jamming. Then he got a call to go to the bay area for an audition for Primus. I met him on Lollapalooza 93 and we really hit it off. I mentioned this really weird dream I had about living in Arizona. He said, “I should show you this town.” Within 24 hours of seeing Jerome, I opened a P.O. Box, changed my license, everything. I had no idea I would be making wine at the time, but I knew I needed to be there, NOT in LA.”

The new Tool album is set for release on August 30th.