Tool React To Rumors That They’re Scientologists


Tool fans have posted positive reviews of Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor, and Danny Carey’s latest Music Clinic event in Royal Oak, Michigan on the band’s Reddit page, including a funny story about the Church of Scientology.

AmateurMetronome posted, “I’ll help fill in the blanks here. Adam said when they were starting out they didn’t want to be like other bands that just played the same venues over and over, I think he used Jane’s Addiction playing at Screams as a specific example. Tool wanted to expand their exposure by playing different local venues. They booked two nights at an auditorium that they later discovered was the (then) newly founded Church of Scientology. The band explicitly asked the church members if they would be trying to push their religion on the audience and the church assured Tool that they would not. But come the day of the show(s) they were handing out pamphlets and paperwork at the doors anyway. After the fact there were some rumors that Tool was somehow affiliated with and/or supporting the Church of Scientology. In the wake of those rumors somebody (maybe Maynard? I don’t remember what Adam said) decided that they should start their own religion based on enlightenment gained via pain and suffering. Hence the book of Lachrymology.”

VVTFan posted, “They played 5 songs! A new loose interpretation of something on the new album. A drum solo. Some of Rosetta Stoned!

The Grudge Eulogy (New loose interpretation of new album song) Jambi (End of Rosetta Stoned) (Drum Solo) 46 & 2 AEnema

Hearing some of those live.. from the front row!!! OMFG!

Also they played 2/3 of the unreleased Opiate re recording plus it’s music video! Omg. The video is so dark and not to mention the sound of the re recording of Opiate… OMG!!!

Took a Group photo with everybody well likely get sent at another time!

I shook Justin’s hand! He saw my Bayern Munich Jersey and sort of playfully made ‘Ew’ faces at me! ?

I did ask my question! They all basically answered as long as they are healthy they could see themselves still putting out albums and performing live in there 70s.. basically as long as they are able they will!

They are all so excited for the new album! Best they’ve done they all said and as a band if you ever think otherwise quit playing.

I’ll give more info later but I need time to digest! And group everything together!”