Tool Reveal Why They Refuse To Make ‘Quick Buck’ Off New Album: ‘It’s Sounding Natural’


Kerrang Magazine’s Amit Sharma recently unveiled a previously unreleased January 2015 interview with Tool guitarist Adam Jones regarding the band’s new album. While the interview is two years old, it is very telling regarding the band’s artistic motivations behind making a new record.

“It’s sounding very natural. I like writing parts, but you don’t want to get too wound up in it…You can’t just sit there and study the maths, there’s got to be a little spontaneity with some planning…and lots of mistakes. That’s how you get good results. Sometimes you have to push it loud, even to the point of failing. How do you find something within yourself that’s good! I do like the progressive parts, but we don’t want to get too wound up in it. The proggy parts are great, I enjoy them, but you can’t make music in a test tube. There has to be a spontaneity with a little planning and a lot of mistakes – that’s how you get good results. Sometimes you really have to push, to even unreasonable levels. That’s how we find good things within ourselves.”

He later was asked if the ‘waiting for the new Tool album’ memes annoyed him.

“You gotta look at that in a good way. The fans are frustrated and obviously want new music. You have to think, ‘They really like us and they want more!’ You can’t beat that! But again, it’s what I do for a living and there’s that element to it but at the end of the day, it’s gotta be something…It’s like when you see a good movie and they do a sequel. Do they make the sequel because they want to make a quick buck off it, or are they doing the sequel because they want to take it to the next level? Our artistic integrity is what drives us.”