Tool Singles Have Been Uploaded To Streaming Services


Fans on the Tool Reddit have noted that a few of the band’s singles have been uploaded to Apple Music, Pandora, and Google Music including: Forty Six & 2, Vicarious, and Schism. What is suspicious is the songs are misspelled and do not use original album/single covers, so somebody could have scammed the streaming companies. Tool had been reported on working on getting their music on streaming services ahead of their new album’s expected 2019 release. Bass and drum parts for the new record are done, and Adam Jones is currently recording his guitar parts before Maynard James Keenan will complete vocals.

hellboy1975 posted on Reddit, “I suspect we’ll see them removed soon enough – looks more like copyright trolling to me, rather than anything to get excited about.”

stvrap75 posted, “I think if it was trolling, they would have spelled the bands name wrong as well. Don’t forget this is Apple who are pretty strict when it comes to copyrights and licensing. It’s not Youtube where any asshole can just post whatever they want, when they want. Tool has said they were planning to release their catalog digitally in the near future. Hopefully they are releasing a couple songs to test stuff out under the radar before they roll out their whole discography.”

BZIV posted, “When I search nothing comes up. On a related note there is what I believe to be a false entity claiming copyright revenue for Vicarious on Youtube. You can check and see that they have claims on most uploads of it. I fought them over mine because I could find no indication it was actually the band et al. and therefore I didn’t want them monetizing the video and getting ad revenue. They never responded to the claim and it was removed. They are still scamming off of every other video.”

View a screenshot Alternative Nation took below.