Top 10 Underrated Kings of Leon Songs


Kings of Leon just released their seventh studio album, WALLS and announced a world tour to kickoff 2017. Throughout their 13 year career, they have released 27 singles. Songs like “Sex on Fire,” “Use Somebody,” and “Radioactive” have catapulted the band and continue to grace the airwaves every day. As you dig deep into the archives of Kings of Leon, you find a vast collection of uniquely compiled songs that blend their style and personalities with their southern rock roots.

Here are 10 extraordinary “non-single” tracks within that bunch:

“Closer” – Only By The Night
The opener on the take-off album. It has that vulnerable feel of cautiously opening the door to a massive surprise party. Love how this album begins with the line “Stranded in this spooky town,
stoplight is swaying and the phone lines are down.”

“Arizona” – Because Of The Times
The lyrics and melody perfectly match the guitar intro when it comes to the overall vibe

“Tonight” – Mechanical Bull
Perfectly exudes the frantic, shaky feel of the lyrics, “Tonight, I’m gonna leave my body.”

“Pickup Truck” – Come Around Sundown
The album closer on Come Around Sundown, aka – the follow-up to the mega – Only By The Night. “Pickup Truck,” captures the emotion and perhaps exhaustion, of what the band endured during that time. It’s a powerful confessional as the curtains close.

“Joe’s Head” – Youth & Young Manhood
Just a fun song off the debut record. What I like most is that it exemplifies the bands original style and doing things their way.

“Slow Night, So Long” – Aha Shake Heartbreak
A nice steady build-up to what becomes an explosive intro. Uniquely crafted in terms of structure, with a celebratory feel. Unlike anything else in their extensive catalog.

“The Face” – Come Around Sundown
Some of the best lyrics in the KoL universe. Timed appropriately as well. Ride out the wave…

“Black Thumbnail” – Because Of The Times
Often a show-closer from 2008-2013. A jump-around style with a big chorus. A very punchy song that showcases Caleb Followill’s powerful vocal range

“Cold Desert” – Only By The Night
Easy to lose sight of this track as its buried at the end of Only By The Night, which was filled with global hits. You have to appreciate that after crafting an album of songs that contain mainstream elements strewn throughout, the record still closes with a feeling of uncertainty.

“Over” – WALLS
TBD – as to whether or not this will be an upcoming single, but I agree with Zane Lowe who said he believes this is one of the best songs Kings of Leon have ever written

*Honorable mention. Kings of Leon’s incredible cover of “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn

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