Top 10 Worst Off Shoots Of Good Bands


Sometimes when an artist decides to form a side project or leaves his or her popular band to form one of their own, greatness can happen.  Most of the time though, they just turn out awful. Here Alternation Nation lists ten of the worst of these acts. Most of the bands on this list failed to get much attention and the ones that did gained a nasty reputation shortly after.

10. How to Destroy Angels

Named after the Coil song of the same name, How to Destroy Angel’s is a side project of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame. The project sounds like a less inspired and rather boring version of Nine Inch Nails with female vocals.

9. Kryst the Conqueror

When he original version of Misfits broke up, vocalist Glen Danzig would form Samhain and then later his solo band Danzig, both which had classic albums. During this time Jerry Only and his brother, Doyle Von Frankenstien formed Kryst the Conqueror, a heavy metal band with Christian lyrics. When you think Misfits fans you think Jesus right? NO! Their only EP, Deliver us From Evil, got so much backlash that their planned debut album was canceled. Some of the songs would be reworked for the Michael Graves era of Misfits. These tracks would be way better than this shark jump.

8. Primal Rock Rebellion

Featuring Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith and vocalist Mikee Goodman of the British band Sixth, Primal Rock Rebellion play an alt-rock influenced brand of prog metal.While the music is pretty technical, the songs are ruined be Goodman’s horrible vocal performance and the duo’s very forgettable songwriting.

7. Oysterhead

From bass master Les Claypool comes Oysterhead. This project also featured members of Phish and The Police. The band only lasted from 2000-2001. They played funk metal  like Primus, but without any of the charm.

6. DamagePlan

While ex-Pantera vocalist, Phil Anelsmo’s offshoots get much praise, Vinnie Paul’s projects tend to be rather terrible. Most known as Dimebag Darrel’s last band before his death, Damageplan played an uninspired and generic version of Pantera’s style. With horrendous vocals, cliche lyrics and forgettable riffs, Damageplan is the absolute worse band to feature Pantera members.

5. Superheavy

One would probably expect Mick Jagger’s solo career to be on the list, but he had one project that was way worse. Here he teams up with singer-song writer Joss Stone, reggea artist Damian Marley, Indian musician A.R. Rahman, and Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics. The band sounded like a random mix-match of these artists different styles all thrown into a blender and then giving a topping of unfitting vocals (mainly from Jagger). The band only released one self-titled album in 2011.

4. Genitorturers

Most known as the project of ex-Morbid Angel front man David Vincent and his wife Gen, Genitorturers are an industrial rock act from Florida. The cringe worthy sex pun lyrics, terrible vocals and very lazy songwriting all make you wonder if Dave would have even joined this project if it didn’t involve his wife. The name Eartorturers would have been more fitting.

3. Six Feet Under

Six feet Under are widely regarded as the worst death metal band of all time and it is not hard to see why. Formed by ex-Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes, this sad excuse for a band plays a nu-metal influenced brand of death metal. The band’s worse releases are their Graveyard Classics series. These are a series of albums where the band covers classic rock and metal songs. The second of these is a complete remake of AC/DC’s Back in Black (not making this up).

2. Asia

When members of Yes,King Crimson and Emerson Lake and Palmer announced forming a super group, prog fans were stoked. Sadly what they got was a huge downgrade in quality from all of those involved. Asia are an ultra-cheesy arena rock band most known for the 1982 hit “Heat of the Moment”. The band commonly appears on worst artists of all time lists. At least this band made that iconic South Park scene possible!



In the 1960’s Jefferson Airplane were one of the pinnacles of the psychedelic rock scene. Driven by surreal guitar work, Grace Slick’s powerful vocals and bizarre lyrics, the band is to this day a favorite among those who love the retro sounds. In 1972, they would split into two bands, Jefferson Starship and Hot Tuna. In 1984, Jefferson Starship would split up and out of the ashes Starship would rise.

Starship would take on a more 80’s arena rock direction and embrace everything that is wrong that genre. Their tracks contain so much cheese that it completely drowns everything else out. The band’s signature song “We Built this City ” is widely regarded as the worst song ever written as well as it’s music video, also being considered among the worst. All the bands on this list are slumps in quality, but this one really takes the cake as well as the ice cream,coffee, cookies and then asks for seconds.