Travis Barker Teases Tom DeLonge Reunion In Photo


Travis Barker is seemingly teasing a Blink-182 themed reunion in an Instagram post. He teased a Box Car Racer reunion in a new post, which was Travis and Tom DeLonge’s band in the early 2000’s. 

Travis Barker is teasing the fans

Blink-182 has released a total of 10 studio albums and debuted with Buddha. The band was constantly releasing new songs up until 2003. After their hit album titled after the name of the band took an eight-year hiatus. They came back in 2011 with their eighth album Neighborhoods. The group has been coming back with new albums every few years or so. But, now fans are hoping that Travis’ Instagram post is hinting at a possible comeback for the classic lineup, or Box Car Racer.

silent–echoes noted “So it’s solved, Tom isn’t coming back to Blink – Mark is joining BoxCarRacer” Treehouse-Of-Horror stated: “It’d be a hell of a twist to be fair.” ZooZooChaCha said: “And Matt is joining +44 – hence why he doesn’t know if he is in Blink anymore.”

Fans who are following the band since the very beginnings of their era know that some of its members have come and gone throughout the years. Although the band now mainly consists of Matt Skiba, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker, there are still well-known and beloved members of the band that stole the hearts of many fans.