Twin Peaks’ David Lynch & Kyle MacLachlan Reveal What It’d Take To For Season 4 To Happen


Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch and star Kyle MacLachlan discussed the future of the series beyond its revived third season on Showtime in new interviews today.

David Lynch told USA Today, “You never say never.”

Kyle MacLachlan said in a Hollywood Reporter interview, “It’s a good question. I don’t know. David has said: ‘Everything is Twin Peaks.’ It leads me to believe that there are other stories to tell. I think it’s just a question of whether David and Mark want to tell them. I don’t know. But I’m happy.

Revisiting the character, working on this character again, was really such a thrill. And working with David again. It had been a long time since we had the director-actor relationship. That was spectacular. Hopefully it’s not the last time. I hope there’s more that we can do together, whether it’s Twin Peaks or not.”

David Lynch told Rolling Stone, “I have no idea. It depends on how it goes over. You’re going to have to wait and see.”

Lynch also told Rolling Stone about shooting the new series, “Oh, the woods are full of mystery. It’s really great. Daytime woods are really beautiful, but at night, the mystery quotient goes way up and it’s a real beautiful experience. The woods in the Northwest, they’re friendly woods. I guess you could come across a bear, though by and large they’re very friendly. But they still hold a mystery. They’re kind of overwhelming when you’re in them and it’s night.”

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