U2 Singer Bono Has Gray Hair In Leaked Photo


U2 singer Bono was just spotted with fans in a new photo, seen below, sporting gray hair. We heard reports that at least one member of the band U2 may not be participating in future live shows. However, this does not preclude them from appearing on upcoming singles and albums. Well, as it happens, U2 are releasing some newly recorded material, and literature concerning is circulating the internet.

As per U2songs, The release of Songs of Surrender is due to be announced any day, and as they have done in the past, U2 have been sending out physical letters introducing the album. They are appearing in numbered envelopes, and all contain the hash tag #U2SOS40. We can share the content thanks to Dani Mattei who shared the letter:

The letters, which are photocopies of a hand written letter by The Edge, speak about the songs of U2. The letter can be seen embedded at the end of our article. So far we can confirm that letters have been arrived in several countries in Europe, and that some countries have had more than one person receive a letter.

The Songs of Surrender album is said to be released on March 17, 2023. The album will have 40 recreated U2 songs, re-recorded by the full band. These recreated songs were started after U2 finished the 2019 tour of Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The songs were completed in 2020, and early 2021. Previews of some of these tracks have been heard in the audiobook accompanying Bono’s memoir. The 40 songs will be spread across four discs on vinyl and CD formats. Both of these physical sets (vinyl and CD) have been pressed in Europe, and will be distributed worldwide. Each disc in the set will be contained in its own unique sleeve, with each “cover” featuring one band member. (At the Cheltenham Literary Festival Bono mentioned the photo the Edge chose would see him bald on the cover.) Initial rumors shared that a one disc version with 14-15 songs may also be made available.