Unreleased Layne Staley Songs In The Works


Jesse Holt tweeted that he is working on 8 unreleased songs from late Alice In Chains and Mad Season frontman Layne Staley. He also asked Mike McCready on Twitter to help him with the material, which includes “Things You Do,” which has had a couple of rough versions leak over the years.

Taproot discussed a song they almost recorded with Layne Staley in 2002 last summer.

Couldn’t have written it better myself, so I took this straight from Jarrod Montague’s page 🙂

The new Alice in Chains book mentions how Layne Staley was set to record vocals to a song Taproot was going to put on our album “Welcome” right before he passed away. We never talked about this much because it didn’t seem appropriate.

We had a “spacey-sounding” track which we didn’t have vocals for, but our producer Toby Wright, who had made several AIC records, liked it and passed it along to Layne for vocals. We called it “Kevin Spacey.”

When he passed, Layne’s mom told Toby that this demo was in his CD player. Very sad ending to a very talented individual’s life.