Unreleased Nirvana Songs Written By Dave Grohl Leak


7 unreleased Nirvana recordings from 1993 have leaked on a private Nirvana forum, including two never before heard songs. The songs leaked after a fan bought the original reel on eBay, and Alternative Nation has exclusive details on the tracks. The Pachyderm Sessions recordings are dated February 15, 1993, and the real jewels of the leaks are the two unreleased instrumentals.

“Lullaby” sounds like something you might hear in a SciFi alien movie. It’s driven by drum, bass, and a bizarre keyboard lead that sounds like demonic Doors. There’s a brief drum solo at the end, the song sounds like a total joke. “Lullaby” clocks in at 3:35.

An untitled track featuring Dave Grohl playing all instruments is the other unreleased song, with a woman at the beginning saying: “The one I didn’t play him.” It opens with a blistering AC/DCesque guitar riff played at punk rock speed with frantic drumming. There are shades of Foo Fighters in the song, with heavy plodding riffs dropping in and out over the jangly lead riff. While it is just an instrumental, it sounds like it could have been a radio friendly sister song to “Scentless Apprentice” had Kurt Cobain decided to write lyrics and a melody over Grohl’s music. The track clocks in at 1:52.

Also included on the leak are alternate versions of “Marigold” and “Dumb.” One of the versions of “Marigold” just features the bass and drum tracks, another is an alternate instrumental take that doesn’t sound significantly different from the studio version. “Marigold” with cello performed by Kera Schaley sounds different, with different harmonization mixed in, and the cello giving the song an even more ominous feel.

1) Dumb
2) Dumb (Instrumental)
3) Dave Solo
4) Marigold (Instrumental) * Kurt on Drums?
5) Marigold (Instrumental)
6) Marigold (With Cello)
7) Lullaby (Instrumental) * Kurt on Drums?