VAJRA’s Incredible “The Mirror” Sounds Like New Tool & A Perfect Circle


VAJRA released their music video for “The Mirror” earlier this year. The track is a treat for fans of Tool and A Perfect Circle who have waited for new albums for over a decade, as “The Mirror” has that trademark dark and brooding Adam Jones guitar sound, and it has the more melodic qualities heard on A Perfect Circle records.

Lead singer Annamaria Pinna’s voice really stands out, it sounds different than the standard ‘rawk’ voice you hear at many middle America rock and metal festivals every year, she combines power and sing-a-long hooks in a way that hasn’t been heard since Garbage’s Shirley Manson came out in the 90’s.

The music video primarily focuses on a VAJRA performance, with footage mixed in of Pinna struggling in a prison cell and also beautifully spinning around outside, which fits the lyrics about duality to a tee.

VAJRA just completed a 29 show co-headlining US tour, and are focusing on regional shows through the Summer as well as the recording of their new album. Rolling Stone recently called Vajra a “Must-See Act.” See the band’s “The Mirror” music video and upcoming tour dates below.