Van Halen Icon Reveals What Really Happened To Michael Jackson


On a new episode of The New Roth Show, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth revealed how those who attended any dance class across the world would simply convulse due to Michael Jackson being a gold standard in the genre when his music was played. He also wondered aloud if Jackson’s music should be ‘retired’ due to recent pedophile allegations on HBO’s Leaving Neverland, and stated that what really happened to Jackson may have been ‘phasing’ like Elvis Presley. Alternative Nation transcribed Roth’s comments.

Roth: That class is going to have three-hundred people. It’s gonna be about this much room and there is going to be about nineteen languages in there, it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever saw. There’s gonna be nineteen languages and there’s gonna be three girls, no wait minute thirteen girls in one hotel room at one hotel room at the Tropicana who is used to this shit. There is also somebody at the front desk speaks fluent Korean, okay? We don’t have anybody who speaks Uzbek but we do have somebody from, according to my map right next door, do you speak Turkish? 

[Roth laughs]

Roth: You’re gonna hear that at the counter endlessly, and when it’s lunchtime, seventeen times if different things come out of the different bags. You know dance class, everybody’s like, “get around the corners of the room.”  Everybody is setting their bags in their legwarmers in the shin. Everybody is stretching in fourteen different languages. Okay? They are gonna play Michael Jackson in that room and everyone in that room is gonna convulse. Everybody is going to have a great time, everybody is gonna be going, they’re gonna learn every possible kind of move, take it home and choreograph for Japanese boy bands, K-POP just across the sea. The Chinese version of all of that right there. Indonesian is different and don’t fucking confuse that with the Philippines. 

Roth later continues:

Roth: Boom! Everybody is shakin’ and bakin’! What’s my point? Michael Jackson is probably the single Esperanto moment that you’re probably gonna get there. You play that and it’s the epitome of dance music. Everybody knows, he’s the first one to throw it, break it, and do something like this. Today, there is some controversy about young Michael or old Michael or middle Michael. There were different phases, like Elvis (Presley) or Anna Nicole Smith. First period, Elvis is like, [impersonating Elvis] “Thank you very much, Hound dog”. Second phase is maybe the comeback special in the black outfit and third period Elvis, which sounds like High School, is somewhat enlarged in the Las Vegas approach. Michael Jackson might have the same kinds of phasing. Nevertheless there is controversy, it’s colorful controversy and I’m gonna wonder out loud, do we retire his work? 


  • Sepehr Sh

    no one can mute michael innocent man will live in hearts and minds of generations to come. almost everyone copied and is still copying michael jackson.if you mute MJ you have to mute many other singers from justin timberlake,usher,Ne-Yo,chris brown,……to any boy bands.becareful not to mess with the king of entertainment just because of a stupid mockumentary with many many discrepancies.

    • Joseph Muldoon

      Wow, MJ has certainly inspired an impressively large amount of crappy music. Boy Bands? Justin Timberlake?

      That is some of the worst stuff ever to happen.

      With supporters like you MJ doesn’t need detractors.

      • Sepehr Sh

        not just boy bands.i never liked those boy bands.Usher,Ne Yo ,and all artists after mj were somehow influenced by is undeniable.michael rules.there is a fact,if you want to learn music you ought to study michael jackson

        • Joseph Muldoon

          If you like commercial dance pop, particularly 80s dance pop, you’re probably going to love MJ since he is essentially the Elvis of dance pop. But if you have no interest in dance pop his music does nothing for you.

          I don’t have any use for 50s rock and roll either so I have no interest in Elvis either. If I were 50s rock I’d probably think Elvis was awesome.

          It’s kind of delusional to think that everyone should share your musical preferences.

  • Johnny

    Damn fool, we will retire the pissant van Halen long before MJ. van Halen would be unknown without Mj and beat it.

    • Joseph Muldoon

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. You think Bear It is what Van Halen known? They were hugely successful and famous since 1978. Beat It was recorded in 1982. The band Van Halen doesn’t play on Beat It; only Eddie Van Halen does. MJ wanted Eddie Van Halen to play on his album in order to try to get white.rock music fans to check out his music.

      You probably think Aerosmith is only famous due to Run DMC, lol…

      • Johnny

        Van halen would be nobody without Beat It. End of discussion. He should get on his knees and thank Michael everyday for the rest of his miserable life.

        • Joseph Muldoon

          Dude, Google Van Halen for fucksake. The only reason Eddie Van Halen was asked to play on the album is because he was already a huge rock star widely considered the best rock guitarist on the planet.

          MJ wanted him on the album to create crossover interest.

          You’re just ignorant.

    • Alex Marks

      Man Van Halen were around during off the wall. I think Van, Halen the band Nd their legacy will be around for a long while. Don’t knock Van Halen, they had hits just as Jacko did.. They influenced musicians that are playing today just as Jackson did.

    • dawhatda®

      Huh,what are you even talking about 😂? Van Halen was around long before Michael Jackson had his beat it album and who’s we?

      • Joseph Muldoon

        This guy Johnny is an ignoramus. He may just be a kid or he may be an adult with no knowledge of Van Halen and it’s long history before Thriller because he doesn’t listen to or know anything about rock music.

  • sbw2015

    Roth needs to stfu and take a seat. He is a has been.

  • easy$money

    I’ll never stop listening to Michael, just saying. I don’t know what happened, I’m not judge.

    • TruthSeeker

      I know what happened. Michael was set up, and lied about, then murdered, for profit. Now, Michael is still being lied about, for more profit. Follow the $$$$. There are several killers involved, not just that greedy, lousy doctor. No justice, no peace.

  • joann dettrey

    Michael Jackson’s justice may not have a clear and truthful justice on this Earth.The truth can not be hidden from Almighty GOD. Michael had much love for children. I think he tried to provide a life, an experience that he did not have growing up.He didn’t have a normal life.He wasn’t able to be a little boy.He had the curse of fame. Where everybody wants to be your friend but to what degree of friend were they? For his fame, fortune, connections, or Michael? He didn’t have that with children.They loved Michael.True to the saying all good things come to an end.Who knows if these accusers were influenced by the parents, money or fame…For now Michael is in Paradise.No scandals, fame, fans or money.A place he could never find on Earth.

  • Alieninthissociety

    You can no longer punish a man who’s been dead for ten years. So why make his children suffer when they couldn’t have committed any crime? The motive itself and timing especially are odious.

    Also, those kids Michael is accused of harming, they didn’t get to Neverland on their own. Their parents took them! Did they also leave them unattended? Then they took them again! Therefore, if anyone needs to live behind bars, it’s those kids’ parents for their nefarious plotting.

    As far as retiring Michael’s music: Radio has been nonexistent in my home for over a decade. So it doesn’t matter to me what they play or don’t play. The corporate takeovers made it unpalatable long ago. Whatever I don’t already own, I can stream at will.

  • Chris

    MJ is innocent. If you put even 30 minutes researching the allegations, you will see it.

  • David Gibbs

    What is this old fool rambling on about.

  • salmon dean

    People need to understand that you can like someone’s music and still accept that the artist can simultaneously be an extremely faulted person. Michael Jackson was a professional victim and pedophile. He used the victimhood of his childhood trauma to groom not only children but his general audience at large as well. I get he was really famous at one point, and he danced real ~cool~, when everyone was doing the Molly Ringwald snap-and-skip move. We watch a lot of celebrities of great talent grow up, ruin their lives and later publicly learn the extent of their life’s disappointments.
    Grown men do not sleep in bed with little boys of no relation and hold hands with them in public (constantly.) Full stop. Grown men do not seek out children from a crowd and sleep in bed with them immediately. I suppose, rock bands kind of do that with groupies/girls at shows… but that’s the closest thing you can relate it to and absolutely no one would dispute that is clearly sexual in nature when it’s a drummer doing it. Everyone knows exactly what that is about.
    Please ask yourself who else would you find this behavior acceptable from and why do you feel that way? Next question, hypothetically, say if you were sleeping with young boys and the FIRST allegation came out; what kind of compulsion do you think would motivate you to continue sleeping in bed with boys? What is so hard about giving that up? My assumption, especially as an “innocent” person with so much to lose professionally and personally, would be that you would NEVER allow yourself to be exposed to that kind of risk again. What would motivate a person to be so reckless and willing to lose everything they worked for in their life… for the satisfaction of? What is it again? Oh, young boys. “Platonically” sharing a bed with a boy is too hard to give up and worth people believing you are a pedophile for the remainder of your life and beyond.
    Yes, without any doubt, the parents were morons and recklessly irresponsible but they were making the same excuses for a god-tier celebrity that all you people are because you like his music. There is celebrity hero worship that evokes an emotional response within and willingness to turn a blind eye because it is not of convenience or comfortable. People don’t want to see what they don’t like.
    Look how many years people didn’t believe the truth about Bill Cosby, a serial rapist (50 year record, 60+ accusers and he’s in prison.) Or R Kelly, a serial rapist, pedophile and human trafficker with multiple damn videos capturing sex with underage girls; that isn’t enough to convince his fans that he is anything other than “fighting for his life!” The girl from Smallville is a human trafficker and literally branded people with her initials, who would have seen that coming!? Most unlikely monster award. I encourage you all to read into Jimmy Savile, a beloved BBC media presenter that hosted a children’s program and was dogged by allegations for 50 years (that people refused to believe) before he was exposed and admitted to abusing over 450 children over his career. People knew but there was money to be made. The Catholic Church. Voice after voice was silenced for the sake of protecting celebrity status, or those in power over the weak.
    It doesn’t matter that MJ didn’t have a “real childhood” because ultimately whether or not we live the life we want, we grow up and as adults we are responsible for our actions. Those who can not be responsible end up in jail, drug addicts or dead. He’s ticking two of those boxes. A LOT of people have shitty childhoods and the justice system doesn’t make the same kind of exceptions for non-rich people who hurt kids. Some people have shitty childhoods and they do not hurt others. Others continue the cycle of abuse and grooming because it is what they know.
    He was a drug addict. And don’t try all that crap about the Pepsi fire accident, maybe that was when he got his first taste in 1984. His erratic behavior, drug intake and usage up-ticked drastically after boys (who he literally never disputed sharing a bed with privately) started coming forward. The fire in 1984 is not why drug dependance caused his death 25 years later in 2009. But, dying was the best possible thing that could have happened to him because he died before he had to face any real consequences. Yes, he is not here to “defend himself” but that isn’t any real argument either. We can absolutely still pass judgement. This argument is mind-boggling, and by this logic, all history would be irrelevant.
    Washinton and Jefferson were pro-slavery, slave owners, that did not diminish that they are among those who founded this country but it also does not make their actions in regards to slavery at all acceptable! They are still on US currency in spite of their heinous ownership of other human beings. Are the founding fathers “here” so we can judge them or ask him directly? No! But it doesn’t change fixed-history because we have a desire to empathize with people that we choose to elevate, either. You enjoy the freedom you have now in spite of the fact that it was built off of the suffering of others. John Lennon made fun of what he described as “cripples” as a teenager, he ruthlessly beat his wives and abandoned his eldest son Julian. Everyone still loves Imagine and The Beatles. While on the Beatles, Ringo Starr was an alcoholic that nearly beat Barbara Bach to death in a drunken stopper and that incident is what prompted him to go to rehab. They are famous and revered, but they are still just people. People do awful things but they can still create beautiful wonderful things. So by all means; enjoy Thriller, do the moonwalk, remember where you were in the 80’s and how you felt. But, accept that the reason you can enjoy these things is because well, primarily, there was money to be made. Second to that, it never mattered to enough to most people that children were broken, used and thrown away by the man that made this nostalgic media for you to consume; that it matters more to you what his music sounds like and how well he could dance than his true legacy of pain, inner turmoil, childhood abuse that he paid forward onto others to struggle with, as he himself did, for the remainder of their lives.

  • Tom Minor

    DLR is out of his freaking mind. Maybe he thinks people will play HIS music if they stop listening to MJ. He might as well jump in front of a train.

  • jake pepper

    What was David Lee Roth rambling about anyway? The article makes no sense. Do not do drugs, kids. Once you are old, your mind starts to decay and your thought process become scrambled like eggs. DLR burnt out his brain and now he cannot sing anymore. It is pretty sad.

  • Brian Hulett

    David Lee Roth has been a babbling idiot for several decades now.

  • Stephen D. Griego

    David Lee Roth is an idiot. The drugs he took before the interview shows how much of an idiot he really is. Roth is a has-been and should never be taken seriously.

  • We should retire the work of *false allegation enablers*, who contribute to ruining the legacy of their falsely alleged colleagues.

    In short: we should retire the work of some David Lee Roth, whoever he is.