Van Halen Member Finally Leaks New Album Details


Wolfgang Van Halen appeared on his mother Valerie Beterinelli’s Food Network show on Sunday, and he was celebrating his new debut solo album being done, though a release date was not announced. Wolfgang replaced Michael Anthony on bass in Van Halen in 2006, though Anthony recently revealed management had reached out to him regarding a reunion tour last year. Anthony suffered an accident onstage at a Sammy Hagar and the Circle show recently.

The Food Network episode description stated, “Valerie Bertinelli is celebrating her son Wolf’s music with friends, family and his favorite home-cooked meal. The menu includes Cedar Plank Salmon with Grilled Cherry Tomatoes, Brown Butter Sauteed Spinach with Lemon and Mini Crab Cakes with Mustard Creme Fraiche. For dessert, everyone enjoys slices of Vanilla Cake with Swiss Vanilla Buttercream.”

Wolfgang Van Halen is keeping busy, as he is also set to appear on Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery’s debut solo album.

Lowery first announced (via Metal Nexus), “In the past, I released a few things close to a solo release with Hello Demons… Meet Skeletons (mainly acoustic); Call Me No One, which I did with [Sevendust drummer] Morgan Rose. Both projects were truly amazing experiences and still want to entertain doing more Call Me No One and Hello Demons… Meet Skeletons in the future. But I’ve decided to release a project under my name that is gonna represent where I’m at musically right now. I feel the need to do this and stand on my own two feet and push myself to make some music that moves me. To express myself.”

A fan has now asked Lowery on Twitter, “So who will play drums on your solo album.” Lowery responded, “@WolfVanHalen will be playing drums, maybe some bass. I’ll do the rest. Just not good enough on the kit myself to pull it off in studio.”