Van Halen Suffer Another Tragedy In 2022


Former Van Halen manager Noel E. Monk has reportedly died.

Monk served as the manager for Van Halen from 1979 to 1985. He worked as their tour manager in 1978. Monk was also a one-time tour manager for Sex Pistols.

The news of his passing has made the rounds on social media as Monk’s peers have paid tribute to him. An active estate sale in Colorado Springs where he used to live also suggests that he indeed has passed away.

Monk also authored books and made a name for himself, such as “Runnin’ With the Devil” and “12 Days on the Road: The Sex Pistols and America” which tell about his experiences working with Van Halen and Sex Pistols, respectively. Monk made his achievements well known via these books.

John Watkins, a special DX director who first met Monk in the 1970s, paid tribute to him on Facebook.

Watkins said that he met Monk a few times early on in their careers when they both started together working with Bill Graham. Watkins said that he got to know him when he started writing his book. Watkins said that Monk was extremely patient and helpful in offering suggestions and encouragement to him about writing his book, and praised him by saying that he was a class act.

Jeff Pezzuti, the CEO of Eyellusion, the company responsible for Ronnie James Dio’s hologram, also made posted a tribute to Monk and praised his book “Runnin’ With the Devil”.