Watch Eddie Vedder React To Hitting Fan’s Car


We uploaded a short clip on Wednesday morning of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder playing street baseball with fans after the Chicago Cubs’ heartbreaking Wild Card playoff loss to the Colorado Rockies at Wrigley Field on Tuesday night, and now a longer video has been uploaded. A fan points out that when Vedder hit a baseball, it may have hit a car.

Bleacher Jeff tweeted, “Me pitching to Eddie vedder of @PearlJam with @Super_Dave, Bleacher Bob, and Eddie’s Entourage, at at about 1:20 am. he came to see us to tell us he loves us after the game. Thanks Ed!”

The fan said to Vedder, “Nice shot. Whose car is that over there by the way? We’ll have to apologize to them later.”

Someone jokingly added that it was a ‘safety ball.’ There didn’t appear to be any visible damage. Vedder was very kind to fans, hugging and shaking hands with them, and saying he was happy to have met them. Watch video below.

Eddie Vedder has a long history with the Cubs. Jon Hamm told a funny story earlier this year about Vedder and baseball fandom.

Vedder and Bill Murray helped Jon Hamm from avoiding serious injury after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Hamm had on a St. Louis Cardinals hat, but Murray threw away the hat and Vedder lent Hamm his Cubs hat before a stage dive, saving him from fans potentially not catching him due to his lack of allegiance to the Cubs. Alternative Nation transcribed Hamm’s comments on the Rich Eisen Show.

“After Game 5 when they won, and there was a big party outside Wrigley at one of the bars there, Bill Murray took my hat off my head and threw it into the alley, and then Eddie Vedder made me stage dive off a table. I was like, ‘Dude, I’m not a rock star, they’re not going to catch me. I’m also not from Chicago or a Cubs fan.’ He goes, ‘It’ll be fine.’ I’m like, ‘No it won’t, at all, that’s a concrete floor. You’re wanting me to jump off a picnic table into supportive fans.’ He goes, ‘It’ll be fine, here, wear my hat.’ So I put his Cubs hat on and jumped in, and got caught, thankfully.”

Eisen asked, “So do you think if you didn’t put on Eddie Vedder’s hat, you would have been caught?”

Hamm responded, “I would have been dropped, like a hot rock. The good news is, because I love that hat, there was a little door to the alley, almost like a cartoon door, and Bill Murray threw the hat over the wall, and I went, ‘There’s a door right here.’ I opened it and it was sitting on the other side of the wall, and then came in, and put it back on. I got it back.”