Watch Eddie Vedder Shed Tears During “Black” Performance For Chris Cornell


Eddie Vedder performed “Black” in Florence, Italy on Saturday, and while he did not mention Chris Cornell by name, many interpreted the emotional performance as being for the late Soundgarden frontman.

Vedder said, “I obviously don’t have a band up here, but I have you, and we have each other. We’ve been playing with some string sections, and they couldn’t be here tonight. So I’m looking to employ you, and employ you to do this one together, we’ll borrow a few Stone chords. We are many, we are one, and probably all of us at one time have been through the black.”

Sabrina Vani wrote on Twitter, “I’m just speechless in front of Eddie Vedder literally bursting into tears while singing Black, clearly dedicated to Chris Cornell.” KatiLC tweeted, “One of the most beautiful statements of love,his tears,the cover of Imagine,the energy and his wonderful voice!!What an artist #EddieVedder.”

Watch videos of the performance below, followed by the full setlist.

Momento lacrime ? #eddievedder #chriscornell #tribute #black #firenzerocks

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Setlist (posted by Sea on the Ten Club boards via John):
01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(addresses audience in Italian)
02. Wishlist
03. Immortality
04. Trouble-(Stevens)
05. Brain Damage-(Waters)
06. Sometimes
07. I Am Mine
08. Can’t Keep
09. Sleeping By Myself
10. Far Behind
11. Setting Forth
12. Guaranteed
(Ed says Italy will always mean the world to him because that is where he met his wife)
13. Rise
14. The Needle and The Damage Done-(Young)
15. {instrumental section from Ed’s version of Millworker}
16. Unthought Known
17. Black (Ed lets the audience sing the “I know someday you’ll have…” bridge section on their own)
18. Lukin
19. Porch
20. Comfortably Numb-( Gilmour Waters)
21. Imagine-(Lennon, Ono)
22. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
23. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
24. Untitled
25. MFC
26. Falling Slowly-(Hansard, Irglová) with Glen Hansard singing lead and playing guitar, Ed sings harmony and lead on bridge.
27. Song Of Good Hope-(Hansard) Ed sings lead, Glen plays guitar and sings harmony.
{Ed goes to the barricade and interacts with the audience while singing. For the third voice he goes back to the second barricade and stands on it.}
28. Society-(Hannan) w/ Glen Hansard
29. Smile-w/ Glen Hansard
30. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
31. Hard Sun-(Peterson) with Glen Hansard, Graham Hopkins, Joe Doyle, Ruth O’Mahony-Brady

  • nomad

    I really miss Eddie’s young voice. Aging is a bitch!

    • Anjin_San

      the hell are you talking about?
      I was there, Saturday night.
      Eddie’s voice has never been better than this.
      It’s so deep it directly touches your heart.

      • Corndog

        Never been better? Lol! Sure. He sounds much better now than he did when he was singing this song 25 years ago, clearly…

    • bryan mannoia

      his voice is literally a thousand times better now than it ever was.

      • Gabi Sermoneta

        not considering that he is there almost with no instruments, band or anything else than his voice, love and respect for him and his sadly gone friend.

      • Corndog

        No. Baffles me how you can even say that. His voice is shot. He’s not a patch on his former self.

        • Splinterbitch

          He’s not always hitting the mark but I’ve listened to clips of him all along this tour and some nights he sounds as good as ever. Also, there are plenty of shows all along where he’s not sounding that great. These clips should also take into consideration that he’s not at his best due to his emotions getting the better of him. Seriously, there are some amazing performances during this tour. Past years, I’ve checked out live stuff and thought; “wow, his voice isn’t that great anymore”, but this tour, I’ve felt his voice is in fine form. Of course it isn’t going to be quite the same as 25 years ago, but he’s still got it.

          • Corndog

            Is there anything in particular that you would recommend from this tour where you think he sounded as good as ever? I’d like to check that out. Any live stuff that i have heard in recent years on Youtube has shown his voice getting worse and worse (imo) with him visually struggling onstage, so it would be nice to see something where i genuinely thought he sounded good again. Is there a specific show you can suggest?

          • Splinterbitch

            I’ll see if I can find some stuff. Unfortunately, the stuff I’ve heard on this current tour was only up on youtube a short time before it got taken down due to copyright or whatever. I did download a couple of things but more for comments he made about Chris Cornell and not the actual performance. So I’ll see if I can track down the more recent performances that impressed me but it might not be until later today. My mother is elderly and doesn’t drive and I am heading out to take her to run some errands.

          • Corndog

            Thank you. No rush, just if something occurs to you:)

          • Splinterbitch

            Check out this show from August of last year. I don’t have time to search much right now (there’s so much on youtube. I binge watched a bunch of stuff a few weeks ago but damned if I can remember which shows stood out to me. lol) but this show has a great setlist and I think he sounds pretty damned good throughout this 3 hour long show. Naturally, he can’t do the growl/screams like he used to and there’s more tremor in his voice but he’s 50 years old. lol. Skip around and see what you think. Definitely not “not even trying”. In my opinion anyway. Ymmv.

          • Corndog

            Thanks very much. I’ll check that out and get back to you once i’d had the chance to watch it:)

          • Corndog

            Haven’t had the chance to check it out yet but the link was definitely there because I saved it to my watch later queue this morning:)

          • Splinterbitch

            I thought I had added it but when I popped back in here this morning the link was gone. Anyway, when you get the chance to give it a listen be sure to skip around. He does start off shaky a lot of times but often settles in to the songs. Not always but plenty enough that I found this show quite enjoyable. You might get a chuckle if you check out “Animal”, when he goes to hit that first higher aaanimal. It goes a bit awry and then the next time he wisely gives it to the audience to sing. lol. I literally lol at that every time I listen to this. Kind of highlights the problem with trying to sing the songs like he used to when his voice just won’t go there anymore. He’s had to adjust how he sings. I loved his “young” voice and I love his current voice. I know I said in a previous comment that I thought he sounds “as good as ever” but that wasn’t really accurately worded. I recognize his limitations but I guess it’s just that I don’t feel I’m listening to a shadow of himself and longing for the Eddie of old. I’m just listening to the guy whose voice I fell in love with and still love. And this is coming from a fan that kind of left them for a while. Not because I didn’t like them anymore but because I just didn’t listen to new music for a long stretch. I just listened to my own music catalog. Coming back to the fold, I didn’t realize how much I missed this band and when I checked out the stuff I’ve missed, and the insane amount of live shows online, Eddie’s voice still grabs me just as much as ever.

          • Corndog

            Don’t get me wrong. I know that i can be very hard on the guy, but it’s his own fault for setting the bar so high:)

            I’m glad that you can recognise that his voice has changed and he does have limitations now. A lot of the folks you speak to online will swear that his voice is exactly as it was when Ten was first released. Some weird form of denial.

            I’ve said here many times; despite everything that i have said about Eddie’s voice, he is still my favourite singer (for 25 years now) and even with his current vocal issues i’d rather listen to him than any other singer. I guess it just irritates me as i think that he could sound much better if he would drop some of the strange little habits he has picked up over the years. I’ve details those ‘habits’ on this several times over the years so i won’t bore you by waffling on about it again. If you’re interested in what i mean though, i was waffling about it again most recently on the ‘Chad Kroeger Reveals Why Corey Taylor Is ‘Nickelback Lite’ And Slipknot Is ‘A Gimmick’ article here on AN.

            Thanks again for the link. It’s probably be Saturday before i get a chance to give it a listen, but i promise i’ll definitely take a look! Much appreciated!

          • Splinterbitch

            I just came across this show from April 2016 on youtube last night : . They did the whole “Vs” album. That might be a better one to check out. It’s not 3 hours long, for one. lol. But, yeah, I do get what you’re saying about some of the ticks/habits he’s picked up over the years. Not a biggie if you don’t get around to ’em. Like I said, I recently have rekindled my love affair with Ed/PJ and am a tiny bit obsessed and maybe they just sound super good to my ears because I had denied myself for a while. lol.

            Anyway, good chatting with you.

          • Corndog

            By coincidence, i watched a similar show in the early hours of last Sunday morning where they played Ten in its entirety. My neighbours must love me:)

            I’m pleased to hear that you’re rekindling your love for the band. You can never have enough Pearl Jam! They have been an ever present part of my life now for the last 25 years and i listen to them at least a little every day. I’ve only ever managed to see them once (because they have only ever came to my country once and with one thing or another i’ve never been able to travel to see them) but i brought my son with me. For the rest of his life he gets to say that he went to his first rock concert aged 4!

            I’m curious to know what you thought of their last two albums? I know they can be a real bone of contention among fans but personally i loved them! I think that Lightning Bolt could have benefited from a slightly different track order to keep from trailing off at the end but other than that it was really good. I saw them as a return to form after the somewhat disappointing Riot Act and the awful (only Pearl Jam album i don’t like) Binaural.

          • Splinterbitch

            Actually, I’ve been listening to Binaural a lot lately (just listened to the whole thing again last night as I was doing a 15 mile bike ride) and really kinda love the shit out of it. Loved Backspacer. Lightning Bolt took me a few listens to fully appreciate and I think maybe you’re right that the track order could have helped.

            I only saw them live once and that was in ’91 when they were touring with The Smashing Pumpkins and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was working at a little independent record store and all of us there were blown away and so happy to see the hair band “I want cherry pie” phase to fade away. lol.

          • Corndog

            Binaural seems to be their marmite album as most people appear to either love it or hate it. For me, it has always felt half hearted, like they were just going through the motions and phoning it in. Also really hate the production on that album. It sounds really tinny and hollow, sort of distant and passionless. I’ve likened it to listening to music through a wall. It bugs me that i don’t really like it though. Just doesn’t sit right that there is a Pearl Jam album that i don’t like. Every few months i’ll stick it on and convince myself that it is finally going to break and i’ll love it, but after 17 years or so of waiting i don’t think that it is ever going to happen. I definitely rate it the worst of all their albums.

            Oh wow, you got to see them in ’91? I’m so jealous:) That must have been amazing. I would have loved to see them back when they were still starting out. Some of the vintage stuff on YouTube is great. Must have watched that Pinkpop ’92 concert a hundred times! Then there is the unplugged session of course. Love that show!

          • Splinterbitch

            Wow. Tin and hollow are the last words I’d ever use to describe it. lol. It’s really interesting to see how differently people can hear the same music. I really love it. I think I’ve listened to Of The Girl and a few other tracks dozens of times the past few days. lol. They sound wonderful through my earbuds. Maybe because I was not listening to them much for a while and the sound of Ed’s voice on this album is just really like a warm blanket around my soul right now.

            I, too, go back to that Pinkpop ’92 performance again and again. along with the early Tower Record in store performances and, of course, the Unplugged. Just amazing.

          • Corndog

            Absolutely. Always amazing to see how wonderfully subjective music can be! I’ve tried it with all different kinds of headphones, different hi-fi systems, in different cars etc but it always sounds thin and hollow to me. That was also the point where the changes in Eddie’s voice started to become apparent in the studio. Do you even like the 3 opening tracks? As I mentioned Evacuation in particular is a terrible song. I’ve said here before though that it could have been a lot better if they’d removed stuff like Evacuation and replaced it with the outtakes from the Binaural sessions that ended up on Lost Dogs. Imagine the album opening with Sad instead:)

          • Splinterbitch

            The only two I don’t care much for are Evacuation and the uke song, Soon Forget. I like his uke album but not that song on this album.

            I think even Jeff said that, in looking back, that they didn’t choose the best songs. And I think they were dealing with a lot during the recording of this album. Mike going to rehab, Ed’s writer’s block, first studio session with Matt. So I can definitely see the viewpoint you and many others have that it’s not all there. For me, though, it still “works”.

          • Corndog

            I actually don’t mind Soon Forget. It’s a nice wee song with pretty good lyrics. The Ukulele album was really good too. How did you feel about the reworked version of Sleeping By Myself that was on Lightning Bolt? A lot of people were complaining at the time but i personally really liked that song and enjoyed what the whole band did with it. It is just so damn catchy! Another one that i love to sing in the car:)

            That’s interesting what you said about Jeff. I wonder would they consider releasing a new version of it with a revised track listing? I haven’t been keeping up with the reissues beyond the Redux version of Ten. Have they got as far as Binaural yet?

          • Splinterbitch

            I love the Lightning Bolt version of Sleeping by Myself. Very catchy indeed. I really don’t know if they’ve gotten as far as Binaural on the reissues. I haven’t really kept up on them either. I don’t have the disposable income to spend on that kind of stuff right now so I have kind of deliberately kept myself deaf, dumb, and blind to it. lol

      • Stone Gossardish

        Not the voice thing again. It’s a different voice. Just like Boss’ voice is diff post mid 90s. He just went into how it changed in his book. And Boss’ voice is better than that heavy-squealy Jersey voice.

        Ed’s voice is better in more ways than its worse nowadays, especially for the acoustic tunes he’s chosen to take on the road solo.

        This voice discussion will never end, I’m afraid.

        • Corndog

          To each their own I guess. I completely disagree. In my opinion he doesn’t even come close to singing as well as he used to. I understand the voice will change with age but I’m taking that into account. It’s not just a matter of how his voice sounds but also how he uses it now.

          • Stone Gossardish

            I think you made your position clear and other folks made theirs too. It’s all good. I wouldn’t argue w/anyone that screaming wise, no 50 year old can do what he did when 25. At the same time, the 50 year old professional singer is better by miles than he was at 25 too. Different voices. Just glad we still have one to hear.

            Hopefully Pearl Jam works again in 2018.

          • Corndog

            Absolutely, you’re right. The important thing is that he’s still here, and he’s still singing regardless!

            Fingers crossed for 2018. It has been far too long since the last album. I actually really enjoyed LB, Backspacer and the eponymous album. I would take them over Riot Act or Binaural any day and would be happy with more of the same. I’m not entirely sure why though, but i just have this nagging feeling that LB is the last time that PJ are ever going to record an album together. Really hope i’m wrong!

    • Corndog

      Same here. He’s just not the same now. Sounds like he isn’t even trying (or has just resigned himself to the fact that this is as good as it gets) anymore.

    • DME

      just stop fcking talking.

    • dakotablue

      Paul McCartney can’t sing anymore either, and he useta have a beautiful voice. Perhaps too many years of the chronic, along with age?

  • Gabi Sermoneta

    I was in Antwerp last Monday the same night he played and planned ahead to go and see him. The concert was fab, Very intimate ,despite the big venue, with that type of atmosphere that only artist like him can create in front of thousand of people. He joked a lot that night, and sang and played like only he can do. His voice has aged yes, but I see it in a good way. The courage to stand there and share his pain with the audience is just touching. Emotions run throughout his concert and Chris was, in my view, always there. He is mourning his friend, in his own way. A very dignified way. Seeing this is heartbreaking . I hope to see him again wherever. He is a great artist.

  • Tina Marie

    This is heartbreaking..

  • bryan mannoia

    one of the greatest musicians of our time. awesome to see such a big group of people singing so emotionally in a second language.

  • Alien Dogstar

    I’ll bet the mother of Chris Cornell’s wife is feeling like a jerk right about now. She was cruel on Twitter towards Eddie. Everybody grieves differently.

    • Lisa Maciuba

      She is a crazy woman ! She really needs to shut it up about Eddie. Just because he doesn’t do the “Hollywood” scene and I think he doesn’t care about Toni or Vicky doesn’t mean a thing.

  • mirko_ledbetter

    Here’s a video of another moment of that amazing night!

  • Silly People

    That was really sad. Chris’s mother-in-law should be ashamed of herself for attacking Eddie and suggesting he doesn’t care about Chris and his family.

  • Kay B

    I like the woman in the background with the bowling pin head dress. Big Lewbowski…